Will The Liberals Back Down Before The November Elections?

The one percent! Sexism, Racism, Abortion, etc. . Do you think that the Radical Left Wing Liberals will start being moderate at all before the elections in November? Or will they continue to be Radically Left Wing and act crazy? Will it ultimately hurt them (in November) if they stay Radically Left Wing, or will it help them?

It is helping them now. Why would they stop?

Maybe being a crazy coot who spouts off insane lies is a path to election.

I dunno. That’s up to them.

Anyway, there is no position anywhere on the left they won’t call radically left wing. Like they’re supposed support for welfare cases who really need the aid, their tolerance for moderate Democrats is often talked about and never actually seen.


Obama’s already out of office. He kept promising change, and new politics. Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and pretty much everyone else in his cabinet were nothing but people who have had some sort of political powers for awhile.

How is welfare and food stamps going by the way?
I forget? Are those organizations in massive debt or no?

Open borders, ending ICE, sanctuary cities and bemoaning a shift to the middle in the Supreme Court by trying to Bork the nominee are the way to go. Keep it up, Dems!


Thanks for proving my point, pal.

What do you mean? While Obama and the Democrats controlled the house, senate and presidency those things got a lot more into debt? lol. And they almost doubled the national debt, from 11 to 19 trillion, and yet they couldn’t waste all of Americans money on their own causes?!! lmao! You gatta be kidding me? What are you talking about? lol.

Abortion and not being a bigot are not “Radical” ideas.

none of that are offical DNC policies.

I prefer radical right wing liberals. Spicier, and they go well with blue cheese dressing.

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A Canadian telling Conservative Americans what they should vote for, and what they should think. Gee, this should be interesting. lol.

I though this thread was about Liberals.

Murder is morally wrong I always thought. It sucks that the Democrats advocate for the murdering of millions of innocent children.

Fine. Then if Democrats don’t want to be tagged for it, there is plenty of time for their leaders to come out and support the people in ICE who put their lives on the line for us, to condemn states that don’t want to support sending law breakers back to their own country, and to vote on the nominee to the SC based on his merits regardless of what Republicns did in the past.
And we know that isn’t going to happen.

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So you don’t believe in Self-Defense since that is also Murder.

You can be critical of the role a law enforcement organization play without being hating the people who work there.

Republican do it everyday with the FBI.

Liberals in America. How many members of the KKK are left? It’s the same thing over and over
in America. The Democrats need a new textbook, because any time the Republicans win the presidency and the house and senate, all they do is whine and come up with the same old crap that they’ve been doing for years on end. Racism, sexism, blah blah blah. The country was still a bunch of racists even after they voted for Obama some how?