Will The Liberals Back Down Before The November Elections?

Voting for Obama somehow makes people not racist
and all Republican did was whine the past 8 years.

You don’t think Racism exist in America?

What a stupid argument.

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If Abortion is murder so is shooting someone in self-defense.

What are you talking about? I’m talking about Abortion. Uuum. Hi? welcome to the conversation.
How is abortion self defense? It’s a slap in the face to God, or whom ever or whatever created us all.

The only reason Abortion and Self-Defense are not murder is because the law dictates that they are justifiable.

Lol white nationalism is thriving right now in America. They don’t even try to be slick anymore because they think the president agrees with them.

No it is NOT. One is an innocent, defenseless life.

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Abortion is legal so it can’t be murder since murder is unlawful killing.

which has nothing to do with the legality of it.

:crazy_face: lol

some people though Trayvon Martin was innocent.

See what I mean?

it use to be illegal what then? was it murder back then, and now it’s not? lmao.

Bingo Murder is a legal term.

Do you know what the term morality is? Or as a Democrat, do you just automatically give the excuse that you’re a Democrat, any time you do anything immoral?

It’s ok, you’re a Democrat. lol.

I don’t think that would make any sense then.

I think that if they continue, it’s only going to hurt them in November. So personally, I really hope that they continue to do it! lol.

Lol people who sold out almost every principle they supposedly had for power don’t get to lecture me on morality.

Yes, both parties are dirty, but the Democrats sold America out long before the Republicans started to. Most of the Democratic politicians in America sold out a long time ago.

Doesn’t matter. They lose this one before November elections.

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