Will the GOP's push for anti-abortion laws hurt Trump's chances in 2020?

Lets set aside our personal and political views on abortion.

Per public opinion polls, roughly 68% of Americans support R v. W, and 28% oppose it.

What is happening here is incredibly unpopular here. I don’t think this is going to benefit Trump at all, and going to be an win for the Democrats. I am now giving Trump a 45% shot at winning back the White House.

You’re giving him more than I am. I say 40 percent maybe even 35.

Like Donald Trump getting elected, I think that the overturning of Roe V Wade will be the worst thing to happen to the GOP in the long term.

Looking at this strictly from the political angle and avoiding personal views of the subject? Yes - I suspect this is a concern for the power players in the GOP. This risks alienating far too many voters, particularly the Independents/Moderates who instinctively recoil from extremism on either side.

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But whether those power players will back off is another question.

I suspect the careerists will engage in some serious risk analysis, and determine which course is the safest in terms of job security - appeasing Donald’s base, or the larger middle ground of voters.

If the time comes that they decide defying the middle is too great a risk to their position, Donald’s political career is finished.

Only 10% of the American voting think abortion is their number one issue.

5% ardant pro-lifers and 5% ardant pro-choicers

For the other 90% of us it’s not a top issue.

Sure I would like roe v wade to remain the law of the land but there other way more important issues
In the country.


As far as I can see:

PRO - Wide support among GOP base AND strong/positive economy
CON - Least popular President in U.S history.

On one hand, I see a President whose base loves him and residing over a positive economy. It was reported that wages went up for the first time this century. Presidents generally win re-election when the economy is doing well.

On the other hand, I see a President who is deeply unpopular. He’s the only President in modern history to have an above 50% disapproval at this stage. On the approval side, he’s never been over 45% before, and continues to hover in the 38%-45% range. We’re talking Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford ratings. The problems rest in his personal conduct as a President AND doing deeply unpopular things.

Those are the Establishment, entrenched RINOs.

The spate of anti-abortion proposals are a direct response to the spate of pro-abortion proposals.

What all this doing is elevating the abortion debate and forcing people to consider the life that gets killed with each abortion.

The “Alive From New York”/“See Life Clearly” rally that occurred in Times Square a few weeks ago will be repeated in other cities. Check out accounts of the live ultrasound they did. Times Square practically went silent when it was displayed. Even the Planned Parenthood protested went silent. And the BLM protesters left the PP protesters and crossed over to join the thousands who were there to celebrate life.

I don’t think that the Republicans push for anti-abortion laws are really going to hurt Trump’s reelection bid. There are going to be about only eight battleground states in 2020. The largest battleground state, which is Florida has gotten a bit more Republican leaning over the last several years. But Democrats can win the 2020 Presidential election without winning Florida. I am giving Trump about a 50% chance of winning the Electoral College again in 2020.

You also have a equally strong contingent of people who think that women should have the ultimate right over their bodies. That’s pretty hard to argue against.

Yes. The majority of people agree that late trimester abortions demands extraordinary circumstance in order for an abortion to be the correct course of action.

Would focus on the family get the same support for this?


I don’t think it will have a major affect. Just not a top issue to drive voters to the polls.

I think if Roe v Wade was actually overturned then I could imagine that driving out people (and suppressing the other side as they’d think they’d won). But right now it’s just red meat for both bases.

I don’t think that abortion per se will effect the presidential election. But the anti-abortion laws will be rolled together with other things to show that Trump and the GOP are anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-minority. The anti-abortion laws won’t be the focus of the campaign, but confirming evidence that Trump is using the presidency to keep the powerless powerless and to make the powerful even more powerful.

The national effect of the anti-abortion laws is more likely to be to solidify the Democratic gains in the House and to maybe get a Democratic majority in the Senate.

I give any sitting president at least a 51% chance, no matter how unpopular. In my 51 years of life I’ve only seen 3 sitting presidents get booted after one term. (Ford, Carter and Bush, Sr.). LBJ was still president when I was born so I don’t know how you wanna count him.

Lots of people. Even on this board. Yet they’re waffling on that in the “Choice As Long As The Body Is Inhabited” thread.

It shows the duplicity of the pro-abortion rights argument on that point.

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Not from you, apparently.

And yet you looked like that when you were that young. You were no less of a human life then as you are now.

The polls are against you. Your thinking on abortion alienates moderate voters in droves…

Keep it up

Not really…its her body her choice.