Will the Dems retake the Senate?

Nah, you’re dreaming.

Very doubtful. They have to win 7 of 9 of the tossups and not lose a single other seat. By definition tossups should be a close to a 50-50 proposition.

Ya in general I agree- but the polls have been moving towards Dems quite a bit in most all these races. I feel pretty confident that the Dems will get W. Virginia, Missouri, Indiana, Montana and Nevada. I am less certain about Arizona and Tennessee- but that would get them to 7. It would then be pretty tough to pick off one of the other three- North Dakota, Florida or Texas.

So yeah- very likely they won’t pull it off- but I won’t discount it anymore.

Doubt it. Too many people love the Trump message.

It wouldn’t matter. A hysterical Trump hater would never listen anyway. Am I right? BTW what the hell is a you people?

I know right? I am an enigma. I loveable enigma, but an enigma none the less.

According to 538, the Democrats only have about a 30% chance of retaking the Senate. I think that the Democrats will lose the Senate seats from FL and ND, and that they will gain the Senate seats from NV and AZ. Arizona here that is turning purple and according to 538, Sinema has about a 68% chance of winning.

Justice Gorsuch would have never got on the SCOTUS if it wasn’t for GOP Senator McConnell and the other GOP Senators.

Fair point. But don’t expect any openings for the supreme court the rest of Trump’s first term. So he can proceed on his own.

Yup- that is my guess as well. And as long as they keep Missouri I think they have a fighting chance to get to 50. 51 is a pretty big stretch.

Of course as we know, most of those states are red or purple. Some of them were won by Trump by large margins.

Remains to be seen how red state Rs react to how the Dems have been behaving the past couple of weeks. Could backfire badly.

The one thing I do think is Dems have energized R voters, and turn out won’t be a problem, at least in those conservative states.

So we could have a very weird election night, with Dems making big gains in the House and actually losing seats in the Senate.

Also we don’t talk about it much here, but I think Rs are going to lose quite a few governor’s races.

Personally I do not think so, but who knows

The math would support your theory…if the tossups go 50-50 Dems will lose a seat or two.

Watch out for 2020 though.

Saw a recent poll where O’Rourke is ahead of Cruz.

Yes, because many more R seats are in play, and in purple states. I really think there is going to be a backlash from conservatives over the BK nomination though, and if I’m right nearly all of the red state Dems could be defeated.

As you know there are still some states where Trump is popular. Regardless of whether or not NK is confirmed, I expect Trump to hammer Dems with it in his rallies.

But Rs will need to win quite a few seats this November because they will almost certainly lose some next cycle.

You’ll need to check with the LEO’s who are investigating. What did they find?

It will be interesting…there may a little backlash about the judge but I don’t it will be as much as you think…also the the toxicity of Trump may more than people think…after all ha has done nothing to gain ANY supporters and some have certainly peeled away.

I personally believe a LOT of Democratic voters stayed home because they believed Clinton was going to win anyway and they were kind of ‘meh’ about her…this will not happen with this man in office.

It will be interesting for sure.

Ain’t that the truth. It’s like he pisses off a new group of people every week.

According to 538, Sinema now has about 70% of winning in Arizona here. The Senate races now in Nevada and Florida are dead heats.

It has here.