Will the Dems retake the Senate?

I have been doubtful of the Dems retaking the Senate until recently-

“Democrats will still need to win most or all of West Virginia, North Dakota, Missouri, Montana, Indiana, and Florida — and then win the Republican-held seats in Nevada, Arizona, and maybe even Tennessee or Texas.”

While this seemed ludicrous only a few months ago- is within reach for the Dems. I seriously doubt Beto will beat Cruz in Texas, but Arizona and Tennessee are in play.

Some latest poll averages::

West Virginia Manchin (D) +9.3
North Dakota Cramer ® +1.3
Missouri Hawley ® +0.6
Montana Tester (D) +4.3
Indiana Donnely (D) +3.8
Florida Scott ® + 1.6
Arizona Sinema (D) +1.5
Tennessee Tie
Texas Cruz ® +4.5
Nevada Rosen (D) +0.7

For dems to retake the Senate, they would need to take 8 of these ten states. I think they could easily get 7 of them, but Florida, North Dakota and certainly Texas look pretty hard to win for the dems.

I don’t think so. Too many states. Too many variables

My money is on the Dems picking up one seat and leaving the Senate in GOP hands with a tie going to Pence.

It’s a long shot, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

Possibly. But Trump doesn’t need the senate. Most of his incredible accomplishments have come without congressional help. When the millennials grow up, stop playing video games and stop doing duck faced selfies, they will understand that we really should not tinker too much with the greatest system ever created by man.

What “incredible accomplishments” has Trump had without the Senate?

Does the cane ever get heavy enough where you have trouble shaking it


Ummmm… if he wants to accomplish anything legislatively- or put in new Supreme Court Judges- then yeah- he needs the Senate.

Drastically reduced the number of punishing federal regulations that businesses must contend with. This was one of the reasons that the economy caught fire. I have others.


The economy hasn’t “caught fire”. You know that, right?

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Many if not most of his reductions in regulations are tied up in court. This isn’t 'Nam, there are rules.

Anyone who wants a job and has prepared for life can have a decent paying job. The GDP has exceeded all expectations. Minority unemployment is a record low.

The mainstream media would be reporting on the economy if the economy wasn’t doing great. You know that, right? :sunglasses:

By every single metric available, the economy is growing at the same (or lower) rate it was growing under Obama.

This is undeniable fact.

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The economy is doing well. Its been doing well since Obama took over in 2009.

But the deficit has almost doubled since Trump took office- something you guys used to care about.

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After Kavanaugh is confirmed, there will be no new justices for the next two years. So no, he won’t need them for that. The dems are trying to destroy the character of an excellent man based on something that they claim happened when he was a minor. Truly despicable stuff. They should be ashamed. Most of the republican legislation requires hundreds of billions in new spending. We need less legislation, not more.

There is no such thing as an undeniable fact to a Trumpkin. Facts are whatever talk radio, FNC and YouTube tell them are facts.

Unfortunately their brains do not exist in our reality but they can affect the world we live in.

Maybe there won’t be new justices- but certainly taking the Senate would insure Trump couldn’t easily get who he wants.

And destroy the character of Kavenaugh? I’m sure you were just as angry about Al Franken stepping down. Spare me the false outrage…

Trumpin? Not bad. But it doesn’t have the same zing as Hillary humper. Unfortunately nobody cares about the groupthink analysis of amateur psychologists.

Notice how none of you people can ever be specific about this.


Yet here you are posting a response.