Will She Be Thrown Under The Bus?

Hillary Clinton

I think that the Democrat Politicians and the Liberal Media will be more happy to throw she under the bus. Especially, at any time during the running for 2020, if her becomes a liability. :wink:

The left doesn’t care about corruption on the left. In fact some seem to revel in it.

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How could he lock her up, before he was officially in office? lmao!!!

so, she should get away, no matter how many crimes she committed? Interesting sense of justice …

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Sit back folks and enjoy the show! Best show on Earth!

Roasting Dem Marshmallows!

No rumors. I thought it was firmly established that DNC needed money and she provided it.

Good to see you here.
Was glad to hear Trump met with Poland’s president.

F-35s are more impressive from about 100 meters away but I guess that wasn’t going to happen in DC.

And this would be cool.

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Well duh. Shouldn’t every corrupt Democrat Politician get away with crimes they commit? lmao.

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Thank you. I apologized ahead of time and everything. I know I shouldn’t have. I will seek help.

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Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends … LOL…

Trump could propose more bilateral trade deals , especially to those countries which are rebels in the EU (Italy, Poland, Hungary). Hopefully he will get the agreement with UK and help us to take apart the entire EU as soon as possible, to turn back to the economical community which worked very well for 40yrs, from 50s to 90s.Free trade zone only, no parliement, no United States of Europe

Waited and watched for nearly 28 years, as a Republican, for fellow (elected) Republicans to “lock her up”.

They didn’t do it.

Then I waited, since 2017, when I switched parties, for Obese Donald to lock her up.

He hasn’t done it.

If there is evidence and cause to do it then by all means execute the process.


thats still not enough groveling for the jackass loser media though. when you become the subject of a jim carrey painting, or a tweet from world class bore alyssa Milano (i said “bore” right?), you are in media purgatory!

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So a thousand former US Attorneys believe the Mueller report makes a case for obstruction of justice is ‘so what?’ but Bill Maher says Hillary committed obstruction and we should light the torches.

I thought Hollywood celebrities were supposed to be scene not heard.


(10hours) Lamb chop song that never ends

And I thought these guys HATED Bill Maher. :slight_smile:

Prosecute her. Lock her up. What are you waiting for?

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I’m sure that most of us, wish that was the case, but unfortunately Liberal Hollywood won’t shut up about Politics!

A thousand (yes… hyperbole) economists predicted an economic collapse if Trump was elected.

We’re not Democrat Politicians, and this isn’t the Kavanaugh hearing.

There has to be due process!

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The investigations started by Barr and Durham, the IG report, Huber, etc will hopefully take down not only her and Obama, but the entire DNC. Their panicking is very suspicious…

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