Will She Be Thrown Under The Bus?

Bill Maher spoke with CNN’s Chris Cuomo just recently on CNN, talking about how Hillary Clinton did Obstruct Justice by smashing her hard drives, and deleting her emails.

Are Liberals finally going to throw Hillary Clinton under the Bus so to speak, because her and Bill have to much baggage?

And if they don’t, will it effect the 2020 election?

“…she and Bill…”

Forgive me.

That’s the only grammar problem you noticed?

oh my…

that has to piss off queenie

better not take any strolls in Fort Marcy Park Bill!

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She lost.

Get over it.

Who cares about Hillary.

There are rumors that Clinton family literally bought the DNC 2016, during the campaign. If thats true, then its the reason why she cant step down and quit politics, the DNC is their property…

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She did step down, she isn’t running for public office.

bill maher and chris cuomo, for starters


Since she Obstructed Justice, and betrayed her Country, a lot of people should “care” about what she did. No matter how long ago it was.


the only person who cant is her


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Watch this thread get 1,000 replies well the one about Congress not paying medical expensive for 9/11 workers has 12.


She is permanently in the media, lamenting about 2016, blaming Trump, etc. That isnt ‘stepping down’

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So in other words, Americans shouldn’t care that she Obstructed Justice?


No. But that one is a pet peeve of mine and I’m not a grammar nazi.

Cool. New Eastern European propaganda to make the rounds.

Trump control the DOJ.
wasn’t he going to lock her up for this 3 years ago.

there are fine people on both sides of grammar nazism. ; )

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cure your paranoia…

We bring you another episode of AS THE HILLARY DERANGEMENT SYNDROME TURNS. Brought to you by the CEC.