Will She Be Thrown Under The Bus?

The Democrats are not going to do anything based on Bill Maher’s opinion. The FBI investigated her and came to the conclusion that there was nothing there that they could prosecute. I am sure that Trump has asked the DOJ multiple times about her being prosecuted. I am also sure that Trump likes keeping his rally crowds doing the “lock her up” chants.

Donald Trump wasn’t President any of those 28 years, and most of the Republican Politicians are nothing but talk anyways. Donald Trump actually gets things done!!!

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What panicking?

Here is all that matters…

If Hilary directed those drives to be destroyed AFTER she was subpoenaed for them. She commit obstruction.

If she didn’t, then she has not committed obstruction.

Confirmation bias makes strange (but not unexpected) bedfellows.

They arent panicking? well, if thats your perception, then everything is all right. Why do they fear then the investigations of Barr?

So, people can do something illegal. They just have to time it out right? lol.

Who fears it? Where are you getting the “fear” from?

Where is this fear?

Oh. So Donald’s “Lock her up” chants were wrong.

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This one already won. Shocked!

Well, since the Democrat Politicians haven’t stood for anything for a long time,
and part of helping bring Socialism to America is open borders, and Anarchy, to help put fear into Americans, so they look to Democrat Politicians for the answers that they don’t have, but will pretend to, once they cause the problems.

Fine if they dont fear it! Hopefully they will be very cooperative with Barr, if they dont have anything to fear

Is anyone not cooperating? Unlike Trump who according to you must fear the investigations into him since he isn’t cooperating.

We need at least fifteen more Hillary investigations, maybe more.

And who made you quote one. I’m sure you can place the blame
somewhere over >>>>>

Hey, at least they’d get it done a lot faster and cheaper then the Democrat Politicians have taken on the witch hunt for Trump/Russian collusion. lol.

Trump delivered millions of documents to Mueller
Lets hope the DNC will do the same, let the investigators to check their servers, answer all questions, etc

Trump is keeping people from testifying and calling everything executive privilege. Must be terrified.

Not so if history is to be a guide. They’ve already had like………ten into Benghazi! What did that amount to besides diddlysquat?