Will Mitch follow his own standards?

Sure. Look at the unpopularity of the decision not to seat a justice 4 years ago. Look at the popularity of RBG. Look at the unpopularity of Trump and the Republican party. Look at the chances of the Democrats controlling both houses and the presidency in 6 weeks.

I’m glad there is still laughter on that side of the aisle. Sounds more like whistling to everyone else. No fishbowl needed.

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I would say: let them be.

Yes, I have negative feelings towards a man who has put money over all else. Who is a braggart, lies constantly and cheats on his many wives.

He is the very antithesis of what I value.

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You are correct. Ginsberg has been about to die for some time “any minute now”. Trump has already chosen his nominee, barring that nominees death in the interim.

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You ever followed up on your vote to make sure it was counted?

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How is it hypocrisy? He never promised to wait until any date.

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unpopularity? lol, it got Trump elected. It was only unpopular with the left. Are you yelling in the same fish bowl?


OK, we agree that States are not physical human beings, but comprised of populations of people, who vote.

Now that we have that out of the way, why should California’s voting population be allowed to negate Wyoming’s voting population?

Your argument would have three states worth of people determining the next President. Why don’t minorities matter?


It can be fast-tracked, like Obamacare.


In your opinion…

Actually, the invidual in Wyoming has more power than the individual in California in regards to the electoral college.

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Cool. We agree.

People don’t vote in groups. They vote based on their individual preferences for candidates and policies. Some Californians choose to vote Dem, some choose to vote Republican. Just like citizens in Wyoming.

Again… people do not vote in groups. They vote as individuals

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many many times throughout history. the shortest was 0 days.

Unpopularity got Trump elected? Interesting post hoc reasoning. I guess Trump has nothing to worry about, then. That type of rationale does explain how some of his supporters seem so unconcerned.

Suggest some serious civics updates here. Each state has input.

I have no clue what you are talking about. The only pretzel logic and hypocrisy I see is coming from the left. They keep preaching that they are holier than thou. It is laughable and nothing but crap. They are politicians and would do exactly the same thing if the shoe was on the other foot.


In short, your argument is based around the desire for California, Florida, and New York to be in control over who becomes President.

It would’ve been more honest for you to just say that you don’t want people from Wyoming to have representation in who their President is.

Thank you for proving why the Electoral College was the right decision.



twisting my words does not change their meaning, it only exposes your dishonesty.

This is getting more and more interesting by the minute. I’m glad I voted for Trump. lol