Will Doing Away with the 2nd Amendment Cause a Civil War?

I keep hearing from the left we need to ban guns, especially after a mass shooting, to make us all “Safe”. I certainly would like to put a stop to that insanity. However, a solution should not be a feel good measure, or an effort to do away with the possibility of armed opposition to a leftist dictatorship, which we will certainly get if “Democratic” Socialism comes to enough power.

All dictatorships begin with gun bans in the name of “Safety”, from Hitler to all the leftists dictatorships that ever began.

With the right understanding those truths, if the left attempts o impose a gun ban, I believe it will not make us “Safe”, because civil war is not safe.

So, will it lead to civil war? Please stay on topic. Will it or not, & say why.

The only thing that will cause a civil war in this country is a significant decline in wealth. Nothing else.

You know the statements I made in the other thread well here is a perfect example. 70 or so people shot in 2 shootings and the first concern in my rights followed by the use of more violence in self interest.

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Strawman… we will never “ban guns”… We might ban certain types of firearms…


Most of the discussion is NOT about banning or confiscating guns. Fake news.


No you don’t.


I just want it to be as much of a hassle to own a gun as it is to get a drivers license.


Show us where you keep hearing from the left that we need to ban guns? Provide some back-up for this accusation please.

dont ban guns. tax the hell out of bullets.

maybe $2 a round to start

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You think so little of your fellow man that they are low IQ enough to star a civil war.?

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OP, A leftist government isn’t walking in Walmart and slaughtering innocent people. This insanity needs to stop.

A four month old baby was killed in the Walmart terrorist attack.

Not a peep from those who claim to care about the right to life. If a zygote is a “baby” what is a four month old?


What the ■■■■ with this fear mongering. This is how the country keeps getting radicalized. Any attempt however minor or token is framed a a display of tyranny. This is freedom as chaos.


Seriously? You know who our president is, right?


“civil” war… lol

What would happen if the second amendment were repealed (legally)? I don’t think it’s a stupid question.

Wouldn’t gun owners taking up arms against the government be more an insurrection than a civil war?

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Yep. The 2nd amendment is to protect the government.

I sure am glad you don’t do philosophy. That’s an interesting post.

True. Why do you think that is? You seem to be saying I am being selfish for not surrendering my rights for the acts of others?

Are you willing to give up your 4th Amendment rights to help with this problem?

How about your 1st Amendment rights?

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