Will China Kill the Goose that Lays the Golden Eggs?

I posted this as a response to a question in another thread, but decided it might make a good topic on it’s own. China is headed down a very frightening path right now in my opinion.

I think we should let China know if they take away the freedoms of the people of Hong Kong we will stop doing business with them. I just think we should stand for the principles of freedom. I know we can’t get involved militarily & I’m not saying that.

I do think we should let the Chinese government know we will arm Taiwan, Japan, & the surrounding states if they continue down their present path because we believe they will soon be threatening them all. I think we should also recognize Taiwan as a separate & sovereign state.

If there is no consequences they will continue to do worse. China is now set to become more oppressive than North Korea. They, with the help or IBM & Google are setting up an ultra mass surveillance state to monitor it’s subjects 24/7.

They are using a politically correct social credit system replete with an inescapable network of surveillance cameras keyed to facial recognition, China has morphed into a technocratic totalitarian state that has built in punishments for not keeping in line.

If you get a little low on social credits you will not be allowed to attain a ride to work, you will walk, a little lower, & you lose your job, a little lower & you have your photo distributed to the entire neighborhood & they must not even speak to you, come near you, or have any interaction with you or they will lose social credits. Enough loss on social credit you might end up in prison.

Be religious & lose credits, especially certain ones uber targeted by the state.

You will be given daily “tests” of proclamation of praise for the great leader, & China, & fail to do that you lose credits. Speak a complaining word or make a negative statement anywhere any time of the state or great leader & lose credits.

You will have listening devices & cameras on you 24/7, that you must keep with you at all times, so your every word, ever action, everywhere you go, everything you do is monitored. Isn’t socialism great? Even North Korea hasn’t achieved such a totalitarian 1984 type monitoring system.

Astounding & appalling that American companies helped set this up. Some people will do anything for money. The CEO’s of those companies should be fired, perhaps more. Those CEO’s wouldn’t want to live under the system they set up! What despicable human beings indeed.

If the people of Hong Kong lose this struggle, I believe there will be a mass exodus of the wealth there to the extreme detriment of the entire country. I believe just the loss of Hong Kong alone will touch off an economic meltdown of the entire country. I’m not sure if the leadership cares if that happens or not. I can’t tell, & I hope I’m completely wrong. I wish China on ill, to me, trade is a good thing, but I think the Goose may get cooked anyway…

Getting the drift? It’s probably why the people of Hong Kong are so anxious about their civil liberties & the protests are continuing. They know the fate that awaits them.


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Its sad to say but conflict with China isn’t worth it for Hong Kong.

Where did I advocate conflict with China? Good grief.

By the way, is there any freedom worth standing up for to you?

According to some estimates China is currently our largest goods trading partner with $659.8 billion in total (two way) goods trade last year alone. We keep doing business with Saudi Arabia (which funds and supports terrorism) for less than that.

Cutting off all trade with China would cripple the US economy.

Some people are used to bowing down. :woman_shrugging:

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I believe the road they are taking will cut off trade on it’s own. If US companies find doing business there not worth it will move. There’s plenty other nations we can get to make our cheap crap products instead of setting up shop here, making quality, & hiring Americans. They will move if China becomes too repressive, it’s a built in consequence. Look at North Korea!

in a perfect world we would all stand up for human rights, and basic freedoms.

but we don’t live in such a world, we turn a blind eye to oppression on a daily basis.

Has nothing to do with bowing down.

Its called calculated risk Hong Kong isn’t worth destabilizing the American economy.

In an imperfect world, we aren’t perfect, we should still stand. I prefer we not have slaves making our gadgets. Obviously Google & IBM doesn’t mind.

Agreed I don’t like China, I refuse to buy product from China.

but America isn’t going to risk destabilizing its economy over Hong Kong they are not worth it. China has been mass murdering and oppressing its people for decades and no one utter a word because its good for business.

We have done nothing for decades living in fear. I prefer not to live in fear. Speak truth to power, stand for principles, do what is right. We can make a slow transition if the weak knee folks will bite their nails, ok, a little at a time move our sweat shops to south America.

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Then it’s time for a change.

Agreed but governments care more about money then human lives.

Thanks, I also don’t buy Chinese products, especially I avoid food, cook ware, silverware, iron pots/skillets, cups, plates, etc. anything to do with the kitchen. It often contains lead. I once called an American distributer of Chinese cookware & asked is there lead in their products, they was at least honest enough to say “within government acceptable levels”. Toys also have lead from there.

I’m almost as upset at IBM & Google for helping set this horror up. I hope they get broken up for anti-trust violations or just lose popularity. Disgusting, despicable, evil, & unbecoming an American company.

We have our arguments amongst ourselves, but that’s freedom & politics. This to me is illegal, if not, should be. It’s a huge betrayal. Scum does such, trash.

Always easy to make a stand with other peoples’ livelihoods, isn’t it? Hypocrisy, thy name is Republican.

Tell you what. YOU can boycott all the companies here that do business with China instead of armchair dictating what others should do. How about YOU start with that and let us know how it goes? K? Thx.

You worried? Live in fear!

I, for one, appreciate your bold, courageous efforts in posting this on a board read by maybe a few dozen people.

Truth to power, baby!!


Here again is a link about recent events in HK. Arrests in advance of Saturday protest and military movements.

Better? :roll_eyes:

Peanuts. Our total export to China last year was 120 billion dollars. Lets put this into perspective. Last year we exported to Canada almost 400 billion dollars.

A nation of 36 million people imported nearly 3 times as much then nation of 1.2 billion people.

We exported nearly 130 billion in good to Mexico.

Export good to China is drop in the bucket…while there 540 billion in exports to United States…or about 25 percent of all Chinese exported goods

The world’s largest exporter by value, China shipped US$2.294 trillion worth of products around the globe in 2018 according to the latest statistics reported by the International Trade Centre.

Meanwhile China only represent about 8 percent of all American exports.

The United States of America shipped US$1.664 trillion worth of goods around the globe in 2018.