Wikileaks just dumped all its files wide open

Content warning, I have no idea what’s in them.

There’s a Clinton’s email folder though…

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deer popcorn

I really want to click, but I don’t want to end up on a “No Fly” list.

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even if this really happened, and there were incriminating emails, the response from the corrupt democrats would be “eh, whatever” and news for lewsers would nod

proof: it happened before

5TH Avenue?

Found this one at least mildly interesting.

Pretty sure you just bit a twitter hoax.

Who knows.

A lot of it is just uninteresting BS, some looks fake, and some looks real.

actually your link seems to have been popping up on various gun and conspiracy sites since christmas.

Wonder why. Either way thats why I get my honey from trusted pots.


So it took 3 weeks for me to hear about it.

You’re not curious about that? I am. The interesting part of someone repeating an apparent piece disinfo is figuring out where it came from.

Let’s figure out the why. Where did you get this link from today?

It would be more correct to say it took 3 weeks for a version of the disinfo to reach you. But I’m seeing it accelerating elsewhere today.

No it didn’t take you three weeks to hear about it.

It’s just being recycled.

This dude in a FB group called “Trump’s Army” took the Wikileaks rumor to the next level.


There’s one element of this I believe we agree on. One thing I’ve never understand about the “ride or die” Trump contingent is if Trump had ALL of this juicy info ready to drop, where is it? Wouldn’t he have released the hounds about a week or two after the election?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this is a hoax. Wikileaks has been pretty consistent about how they release materials. This doesn’t fit their methodology.

And if it was real and 3 weeks ago, every real media outlet and pundit in the country would be talking about it.

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Why would enemies of the people cover this story? Open your eyes.

The people that believe this stuff don’t employ this level of scrutiny.

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I actually hadn’t heard any of this till today. The link was sent directly to me via text message from a friend.

I was also around during the climategate email dump and remember how fast that stuff was scrubbed. I’ve probably still got the files on my old PC in my storage unit.

What I find weird is I posted a link, didn’t make any claims, and still this topic has degraded into some Trump Q conspiracy theory.

I think it’s because it looks like Qanon may be behind the link you posted. That seems kind of relevant.

In what way? The link is to Wikileaks. Or just they are behind passing it around like it’s a new thing?

If they are responsible for passing it around like a new thing, it worked. I didn’t hear about the dump a few weeks ago but did now. But if that’s all they are responsible for that’s really not all that nefarious.

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