Why would Trump retweet a year-old video of a black man shoving a white woman?

The president yesterday retweeted a video of a black man violently shoving a white woman into the side of a subway car. Obviously, this is a horrible incident, but it happened last October and it is clear from an article about the incident that the man, who was arrested, is mentally ill. What purpose, other than sowing the seeds of fear and racial division, would the president have for retweeting this?


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Gee I dunno, Davey.


Still, the menace was contained, and The President just wants us to know there is a little less thuggery at large.

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Looking at the originator of the tweet… “Im with groyper”… he looks like a fun and well balanced guy that isn’t talking about race realism at all.

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The only thing missing is the caption that this is “Joe Biden’s America”

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No interest in hearing this type of complaint considering a media that cherry picks incidents involving white cops and black arrestees. Cherry picking is bad or it isn’t. If it is, then lets complain about the massive amount going on the the MS Media.


I think it’s true that media discriminates in what they report about. But this incident happened in October of 2019. Why is POTUS airing it out now ?

How do you feel about the President amplifying the voice of someone whose entire twitter account is devoted to “black on white” violence?

Personally I think that it is a bad thing.



It is in line with what most of the media is doing, but the opposite. It is where the media is taking us.

Though one retweet doesn’t mean one accepts the entire viewpoint of the person being retweeted, of course.

Was your intent to effectively illustrate:



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and they are. They really really are.

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Let’s focus on the President.

You know … the leader of the free world.

How do you feel about him amplifying the voice of someone who is really concerned with “race realism”?

I think that it is a bad thing.


It would make some sense if it happened yesterday

That’s a subjective determination.

Red meat to the darkest ring of his idiot base.


I think he should stop tweeting and have said so for four years.

But, not really. ‘Race realism’:


Yet he hasn’t.

In this instance he has elevated the voice of a
Proud white nationalist.

That is a bad thing.

Wouldn’t you agree?

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Welp, guess this leaves you no choice but to fully defend him on every subject. :man_shrugging:t2:


From hysterical overreaction, yes.