Why would Satan incite the people?

Something I’ve wondered about. Since Jesus gained the victory for Christians by going to the cross and being resurrected, why would Satan incite the Pharisees and the people against him? Seems to me, the last thing Satan would want would be for Jesus to make it to that cross, yet the hatred was so strong that the people demanded a murderer be released instead of Jesus. Why?

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The satanic line of thought keeps people thinking only about themselves and how they can feel better standing next to someone else. It’s all ego-driven.

JMO of course.

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A better question is since Satan is supposed to be imprisoned in hell how did he get out and why won’t god put him back?

Who said he’s imprisoned?

As far as I remember that’s what hell’s supposed to be.

Hell is definitely a prison, but Satan and his demons haven’t been confined YET…

Then its not a prison is it.

If God is more powerful than the devil AND can see the future, why doesn’t He just bump him off?

It’s a prison for us, not for them. They’re the gatekeepers.

If God killed the devil, would it be murder? Can God commit murder? Or could he simply unmake the Devil, since he created the Devil in the first place?

He kills people every day. He knows how and when they are going to die and does nothing. Except of course when people feel He somehow intervened…which leaves the ones who weren’t intervened for murdered.

Why not the Devil?

Good point, why make the devil in the first place when He already knew what jerk he was going to turn out be?

Maybe bringing good out of situations evil causes requires and shows more wisdom and ingenuity than simply eliminating all opposition.

It’s almost as if “God’s Plan” is just made up as he goes along.

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I think most if it is… apart from certain key and broadly forecast events that are assured by virtue of God’s omnipotence.

Why would a god create a bad guy for himself? It makes no sense to me.

If God is more powerful than the devil AND can see the future, why doesn’t He just bump him off?

Imagine…In the beginning…a formless wasteland…darkness covered the abyss…

For God, easily conquered, correct? We also have accounts of how Jesus handled the evil one. The first way, he dismissed him, told him, “Be gone.” In facing the greatest evil of his life, he walked through it and on emerged victorious on the other side.

Satan has free will. It turns out so do we. We can say, “Be gone” and that is the end of his power over us. When we must walk through, we do just that because we emerge victorious on the other side.

We can open windows and doors. Can it be just as simple for God (and many times for us) to simply say “Be gone” or walked through the evil situation as easily as we walk through a door, pull a weed from a garden, or dust away dirt.

He doesn’t make bad guys. He makes good guys with intelligence and free will and emotions and self-awareness and other-awareness, so they can love, but some choose evil and turn themselves evil.

Because every story needs an antagonist and protagonist. Star wars is pretty boring without Darth Vader.

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He knew exactly how Lucifer would turn out,what is the point of creating such?

It would’ve been much simpler to not have this evil baddie in the first place and if it was a mistake as @AZslim says God could simply remove him and all his nefarious activities.

I know, right?

But wait…He knows the future so how can He make it up as He goes along?