Why would Satan incite the people?

How can He make it up if He already knows the outcome?

It doesn’t answer why God created such an evil SOB in first place.

But He made Satan himself. Plus He already knows people like Hitler will murder 6 million Jews. If He steps in to save some dude from a terrible accident, or some soldier from being blown up, why didn’t He just let Hitler into art school and avoid the whole second world war?

Now we’re cookin’

Are you saying God should have removed that choice?

Scripture has it that God knows His own end game; it does not say He knows each thing people–or a person–will do along the way. Doesn’t matter when God can work with whatever comes His way. He doesn’t have to know what will come His way beforehand.

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You should ask Satan.

Many people have wondered that. But given you’re current state of existence, would you prefer to be a slave or robot, even if you weren’t aware of it?

Maybe bestowing freewill requires allowing creatures to choose erroneously with negative consequences, and a plan for redemption when we choose evil is better than eliminating freewill.

There are two kinds of dramas a director can direct: one fully scripted, where every actor simply follows the script; and improvisation theatre, where the actors are given characters, who invent most of their own lines, and whose interactions the director intends will communicate a particular message to the audience, and whose actions will lead to a generally crafted denouement. God works according to the second method IMO.

Then He doesn’t know the future?

God knows everything that exists to be known. The future does not yet exist to be known by an omniscient Creator. What plans God has, do exist, and God knows those.

Then the predictions in bible are just God’s guesswork?

No. God is omnipotent. If he predicts something specific he can engineer it to come to pass any number of ways. There are many things that happen that were not specifically predicted in the Bible.

It would’ve made more sense not to have evil in the world,you could still have the free will to accept or reject god.

More sense to you, with an IQ of 0.1 on God’s scale. You sound like a four year old complaining to his parent, "It’s not fair that I don’t get a turn driving the car to school. "

Or, "Mom, you’re cooking that ,turkey wrong. Let me tell you how to do it. "

How is that even close to speaking the truth with love?

How is that not speaking the truth with love? What do you consider your IQ to be on God’s scale? Mine would be 0.0000001 . I was being particularly generous with Tommy’s assigned score.

You get a number of different answers on that one as it is not spelled out in great detail. Some believe He knows everything that exists to be known. I am not sure how to fully express what I believe. I think all of time exists inside of God so to Him the future, with all its possible permutations, is seen as the past.

Do we become slaves or robots when we go to heaven?