Why would asking for an investigation of a political opponent, who has been accused in news reports of potentially corrupt actions, be an abuse of power?

I’m trying to understand the legal or ethical basis upon which commentators are asserting that Trump asking Ukraine to investigate from their end the Bidens’ publicly questioned involvement with Barisma would be unacceptable. It seems to be simply assumed but no justification is offered for that opinion. as in the article linked to below.

Some have said that removing Biden from the field of potential presidential race adversaries would be to Trump’s personal advantage. But arguably, any quid pro quo required by any president could be interpreted by rivals as being to his/her personal political advantage.

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Why would they need to investigate from their end? We have an agreement with Ukraine to assist us in investigations already in place. If there is a legal basis to these allegations, they would surely fall under the FCPA. The DOJ regularly prosecutes American citizens for violations of the FCPA.

It seems libs think/believe investigating into abuse of power is abuse of power in itself. :wink:


It comes down to timing.

Trump had from Jan 20, 2017 til April 2019 to ask Congress to look into Burisma. Trump even had knowledge that Hunter Biden was on the board when Joe was VP. He did nothing of the sort.

Once Joe Biden got in, and became the defacto leading candidate for democrats, suddenly Trump had this “desire” to look into Burisma?



If there is evidence, bring it before a grand jury…

As I stated above, Trump had over 2 years to look into this. ■■■■■ he even had Idiot Nunes the committee chairman when R’s were in control of House. Ya think if Trump really was interested in this, he’d a sicked ol Nunes after Biden.

But nope, he waited until the Presidential race began to start this.

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I kind of enjoy how a blatant example of abuse of power is continually spun to be a good thing.

I don’t like the new normal that is being fought for by one side, but like every time a conservative gets kicked out a restaurant or some such nonsense as that and noises erupt about it without a shred of irony… don’t complain if a future corrupt President on a side you don’t like asks a couple of foreign governments to open investigations into a political rival… it is what the right apparently wants for this country.


The next guy who says we have turned into a banana republic cuz libs should explode form irony


Show me some examples of unlawful lib abuses of power

Wait…is “I WANT NOTHING! I WANT NOTHING! NO QUID PRO QUO!”, or is it, “of course there was a quid pro quo, but it was for totally legitimate reasons”?


It’s more like and I paraphrase.

July: “Ukraine, I give the $391 Million in military aid and a white house meeting in exchange for a public announcement about investigating my political opponent.”

September 9th: Whistleblower report becomes public.



It is when you ask a foreign government to do it. Or is anything game when you’re trying to stop the campaign of a political opponent? Which it seems is the case with the lame Republican complaints about this impeachment inquiry.

This whole thing is a concoction by the Dems.

And our illustrious media deliberately ignoring Biden bragging about using the power of his office to force the Ukrainians to drop an investigation that threatened his son is abjectly shameful.

Trump asking “so what’s up with that? …” is perfectly legitimate. He would have asked the same even if Biden wasn’t running for the Dem nomination.


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Biden leveraging USA aid to force Ukraine to drop an investigation that could impact his son.

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Plus Ukraine has the server. They need to hand it over.

There was no investigation of his son.

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It has been explained a million times.

It is really like Groundhog Day.

“Why would asking for an investigation of a political opponent, who has been accused in news reports of potentially corrupt actions, be an abuse of power?”

Because Dems don’t have a chance at the White House in 2020 and libs can’t shame enough people into voting for free stuff and popular rights only. :man_shrugging:

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Right! Biden bragged about killing the investigation that could have impacted his son.

He bragged about it. I’m sure you’ve see the video.

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