Why Would Anyone Want to Live In a Democrat Town?

Police not allowed to enforce the law, Democrat rioting, looting, arson, murder &can’t even keep them in jail, out the next day to do it again. Months of destruction, lives ruined, jobs lost, businesses lost, & keeping the economy down.

Not allowed to have arms with no police protection or meaningful prosecutions, can’t even gaurd your own business!

Being forced to make the Marxist salute by a mob when out with your family for dinner, setting police vehicles & precincts on fire, total disrespect.

On top of it all, extremely high taxes for “services” that you don’t get!

We won’t even drive visit places like that, vacation in them, & if possible, not even pass through.

No safety, no jobs, shutdowns, no real assurance of having a business. Very business unfriendly, & job killing policies.

But hey, vote democrat!


I suppose they want to live there because they like all of the above.

Good OP Ceasar.

Don’t forget about the education systems and the urban decay.


Lol. I live in a Democrat town, Dover, New Jersey. Majority Hispanic. Black woman Mayor.

No rioting nor looting takes place, and I have lived here 29 years.

Here is the crime report



I showed you mine. Would love to see the same from where you live.

But of course it won’t be nearly as safe as this democratic city.


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The decay in general, and the stench.


Where I live there’s almost no crime & guns everywhere. Funny how that works…You don’t watch much news, do you?

I forgot about all the homeless poo on the streets, needles, & tent cities.

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So show me you areavibes website.

I am asking for proof.

I showed you mine.


None of that in Dover. We do have homeless people however.


What do y’all think is actually happening out in the world? Cause it ain’t none of this.


I live in a great neighborhood in a liberal city. Housing prices are rising, friendly neighbors, supporting local businesses.

No riots, no homelessness, no poo on the streets.

Sorry to ■■■■ in your lame narrative.

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Wow, so I guess democratic towns are absolute ■■■■■■■■■■ with the worst stats regarding employment, wages, wealth, health, quality of life, safety, education and others…right @Ceasar ?

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I live in a city where a Republican hasn’t been elected since 1928 and ■■■■ is pretty okay here.

Perhaps its some “sour grapes” behavior?

Guys, it’s really ok. Your leaders and tv tell you to be scared. In our democratic town we are had a socially distanced fish boil to raise funds for the new library this weekend.


take a drive out to mckeesport

or any of the dozens of towns around like that or worse


The riots are happening. They are bad.
They aren’t happening to a degree anywhere near how Trump supporters are being led to believe they are (and the media helps with that, of course.

Same things happened in the 1960s. The majority of the civil rights protests were peaceful, but what violence there was for enough out of control that Nixon could run his law and order campaign and win.

Of course, we later saw the practical impacts of when Nixon tried to actually impose law and order. That way led to things like Kent State.

Crackdowns don’t work.

Actually addressing issues is the only thing that works.

But it seems each generation must re-learn that lesson.

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It’s where the money is made to subsidize rural areas.


Soft on Crime?

Reading your posts one would think you live in Gotham City.

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Indianapolis has a Democrat mayor and a Democrat majority council and we dont have the problems listed. So the OP is incorrect.

It has its fair share of problems but then no city, town or village is a utopia.