Why Would Anyone Want to Live In a Democrat Town?

Yes the Rust Belt only exists where there are Democrats for some reason.

well now youre shifting the argument

is ■■■■■■ really ok or not?

Pittsburgh gentrified ten years ago bro. The city is pretty nice now. Safe, clean, affordable. Unless you think another city a half hour away from my city is somehow a dunk on that.

Actually, this is ironic, because the really ■■■■■■ up parts of the Pittsburgh area are the suburbs and rural areas.

So, exactly where do you get your information about Democratic cities?

There are over 100,000 people in the Democratic city where I live and your description doesn’t match reality.

Talk media.


I live in city of 2.5MM ‘run’ by Democrats. Other than an education system that is excellent in white neighborhoods and poor in others, none of your claims is true.

no. not ironic. many if not most of pittsburgh’s most “glorious” burbs are under democrat leadership

Or it could be that the Mon Valley region was devastated by the steel industry leaving almost fifty years and its ■■■■■■■ stupid to try to make it a partisan thing when the only reason those towns existed is long gone.

the first post about how nice pittsburgh is (ostensibly due to democrat leadership) was by you

You have a point, however, continuing to riot without cogent suggestions on addressing your grievance/s only escalates things.

Here’s a little food for thought, All Americans have the same Rights, but those Rights also come with Responsibility and Self Discipline. You cannot have the one without the other two. You now have two generations out there protesting/rioting about their rights, yet they haven’t been taught the other two.
(no need to respond, posters around here seem to go off half-cocked, just think about it).

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I live in a large Dem city. No violence here. I have access to great entertainment and parks. Cost of living is low. High paying jobs. Crime in my area is very low.

All the good and bad things that have happened to Pittsburgh in the last hundred years have been under Democrats. From David Lawrence inventing the modern urban renewal program with the Renaissance to the mills leaving to barely hanging on through the next couple decades towards the new urban renewal that started in the late 90s and has revitalized the city.

It’s almost like I’m saying it’s a stupid ■■■■■■■ way to judge things.

I’m a realist.

I can deplore violence while also understanding why it comes about, and therefore discuss root causes and realistic ways to deal with issues.

I prefer to discuss things without automatically placing value judgements on them.

I’ll give an example. From 1767 to 1768, Parliament passed a series of acts designed to make British finished goods favored in colonial markets.

Many colonists were understandably upset with this and made their feelings known.

Some of the ways they did this were through intimidating colonial merchants that sold British goods, and looting and damaging/destroying their shops.

What do you think the reaction would have been had you gone to some of these angry colonists and said “Hey…those merchants have rights. They’re just trying to make a living, and they didn’t have anything to do with those laws Parliament passed. Why are you threatening them and destroying their property? This isn’t the right way to get things changed”.

Tell me what practical effect that would have had?


i partly agree, but broader policies affect industrial areas too. surrounding communities are affected by this.

No sorry, you don’t get to compare the the two. Today’s rioters aren’t taxed without representation.


Nobody wanted the mills to leave. In fact, the governments gave the mills everything they wanted and they still left. It was an economic apocalypse and places like McKeesport and Clairton are never, ever going to recover because they had no other reason to exist.

Pittsburgh on the other hand had hospitals and a ton of universities and the headquarters of huge companies like Alcoa and Mellon Bank and Bayer and now we’re deep in the tech sector, Uber and Google and all that. CMU literally leads the entire planet in the field of robotics.

Not saying its a good thing, but I live in a democrat town, county and state. All things being equal, I love Maryland. The only issue I ever had living here is property taxes, my county has the 3rd highest(Behind HowCo and MoCo) in the state. Since property taxes are so damn high, one would think our school system was reaping from the benefits. I digress, because that’s another argument. Anyway, Maryland got one of the best economies in the country and in the top 10 in regards to standard of living. A lot of high paying jobs here, TRUST ME ON THIS. The only blight is probably Baltimore and despite that I can stil roll up to B’more, East side(my 2 nephews live here) and West side(my brother lives here) and not fear for my life.

Right…comic book reality.