Why would any country ever sign a deal with the US anymore

thanks to the maniac our word is pretty much useless.

Iran was abiding by the terms of the nuclear deal. and yet we pulled out.
Honestly if i was any other country in the world i would be scarfed to sign any deal with a country that reneges on its deals

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Didn’t the agreement give the parties the right to pull out of it?

If not what was the deadline about.

He’s a complete Idiot. I can bet he never even knew what the Iran deal was when he was campaigning. Because the previous administration put it together with other nations, he is putting politics OVER global security. What a dumbass. Worse in history.

And NO, we’ve dumped out of the Paris Agreement, so why would ANY country believe our word now?

That was my understanding. This is one thing Trump has done I agree with. It was a bad deal to begin with, and I believe Trump had been saying for quite some time he would do this.

So he kept this promise.

Of course no surprise to see the freak outs from many on the left and the MSM.

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Can you tell us what is bad about this deal, without using right wing talking points?

I was not a fan of the agreement either. However, by all accounts, it has been working successfully. My issue with the decision today, is what is in it for us Joanne? How does this help or benefit America, our national security, or our people? I’m struggling to find a reason that this is actually a good thing for America. What am I missing?

we made a bargain.
Iran has kept up with its side of teh bargain

the US said too bad were leaving anyway.

why would any country trust us???

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  1. Don’t sign an agreement that allows either side to pull out if you don’t want that
  2. Read our Constitution about treaties needing ratification by the Senate. You may have some sort of agreement, but you don’t have a treaty if it isn’t ratified by the Senate. For best permanent results, get a treaty.

Parties can leave the agreement but US alone can undo it.

The deal fall under the Non-Proliferation Treaty

Amusing to see Dems berate anyone who professes to come to some sort of living basis with Russia, but kiss up to North Korea and Iran.

Which Dems are kissing up to Iran and/or NK? :confused:

IMO there is a difference between an agreement “falling under” some prior approved treaty, and a treaty that is actually approved in all its part by the Senate.
The first is sort of a waiver of treaty approval authority by one Congress of a future Congress.

For sure it wasn’t perfect but it’s like complaining we got a scoop of ice cream instead of a sundae. Better than nothing.

This is another example of Trump being a clueless dolt bowing to the neo con wing of the GOP. Does absolutely nothing to make us safer and further erodes our standing with our allies.

Worst it’s obvious there is not strategy forward. Typical GOP dogma - burn it all down and worry about consequences later.

  1. The ones who take Kim at his word that the US and all its positions in NK had nothing to do with bringing NK and the South together, even though the President of SK says it did.
  2. The ones who see Iran as the injured party worthy of utmost consideration even though it is legal for the US to withdraw from the agreement.

And this is where Trump is showing a lack of leadership. He is not able to articulate how and why this move is good for America. And he has not articulated what the next step is, or what our goals are for a revised agreement. And about all he has to rest his decision on is that Israel is for pulling out. If Trump was to answer honestly I really believe that he would simply say that he is keeping a campaign promise and giving his base the warm cozy.

I largely agree here. I wish the agreement was made better from the get-go, but the primary objective was to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear arms capability, and the agreement was achieving that objective.

As for the bold, that is what really concerns me. We seemingly have no strategy here. Unless what is going on behind the curtain is Bolton’s wishes for armed conflict with Iran. If so, Heaven help us all. :flushed:

A president made it and not the congress.

Not a treaty. If you want a permanent agreement with the US, get a treaty, not a ‘legally binding plan.’

“Secretary of State John Kerry stressed Wednesday that the administration never intended to negotiate a treaty.
“We’ve been clear from the beginning. We’re not negotiating a ‘legally binding plan.’ We’re negotiating a plan that will have in it a capacity for enforcement,” he said at a Senate hearing.”

Is it not possible to disagree that Trump has done anything to cause the current round of negotiation between NK & SK, without being required to take Kim Jong Un at his word? And to acknowledge that Trump did nothing more than what his predecessors had been doing, implementing sanctions, with the added bellicose rhetoric? And what really has caused the ball to be moved downfield was the position of Moon, who ran on a platform of seeking to unify the Korean Peninsula, coupled with the multiple now meetings of President Xi, and most importantly the collapse the primary nuclear testing site in NK? How does that equate to “kissing up to North Korea” exactly again? :confused:

Who has stated that Iran is the injured party? Or worthy of utmost consideration? It seems you have made that up, which also would not equate to anyone “kissing up to Iran” here.