Why Was “Frontline Doctors” Video Pulled From Socials?

Oh sure they all say “it violates our policy” but it really isnt clear what policy that is

It sure seems like there’s a concerted effort to dismiss/hide/disparage anything about the Hydroxy… treatment for china’s plague.

There were claims of a cure where none exists.

That is false and dangerous information to spread in a pandemic.


everything on socials is safe and true?

But is lying against the terms of service or did the big corporations just make that up to get at Trump?!!?

I think this is what you are looking for:


if youre curious about how curry can cure cancer youtube it

Not claiming that at all.

This one was pretty blatant though.

Shouldn’t claim that there is a cure where there isn’t one.

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you think wrong

the video was not manipulated

as though socials dont contain supposed cures for various ailments

Easy answer. It was pulled because I didn’t meet the criteria for publishing on privately owned websites.


The big social media companies have rightfully under fire the past couple of years.

Hell… Facebook should be broken up for helping to perpetuate a genocide in Myanmar… but that is just me.

yeah but what that policy or criteria is is quite the mystery

I would look at number 3

3. Is the content likely to impact public safety or cause serious harm?

You could argue that politicians sharing a video that the company considers to be harmful would fall under this violation of the ToS.


There is generally the weasel words of “not approved by the FDA” that gives them crank immunity.

But as I say in all of these things… their sandbox their rules.

“Not approved by the FDA” is the strongest words anyone can use to avoid a lawsuit.

I think that if the “doctors” said that the FDA was ignoring what they saw as an effective treatment that they would not have had a problem.

The fact that the word “cure” was used is what caused the takedown.

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it’s not quite that simple

if they have political leanings that runs contrary to their “open ideas“ policy

that makes them vulnerable to lawsuits

If you don’t like a certain social media outlet, like this one, or facebook, or twitter, or whatever, then don’t use it. There are many, many, many other sites that you can utilize. Don’t like any of them? Start your own social media site. Invite all your friends. I’ll join you.


A medical treatment isn’t political.

If HCQ was shown to work we would be using it and the pandemic would be over… yay us.

But there hasn’t been good evidence beyond anecdote to show that it does work much less to show that it is a “cure”.

A private platform does have the right to police the content on it.


I saw Lou Dobbs talking about this last night and by the position he was taking you would think he would be just fine with the federal government telling him that he had to allow people on his show that he didn’t want to. Somehow I don’t think he would be good with that at all.