Why the Establishment Media went totally Deranged


You folks screwed up, the Russian Collusion delusion is about to boomerang big time:


These threads are as funny as the threads started by ultra-libs that imagine Trump is going to be impeached any day now.

True believers are funny.


I’m glad you make your parody entertaining, Alfie. There’s too many humorless ones out there.


Apparently Comey didn’t either, since he asked for an inspection of servers by the FBI and the DNC refused to allow it


Well… if Rush says it, then OF COURSE it has to be true! Isn’t it easy when you have Rush thinking for you?


It’s easy if you are on the right side.

“Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence” John Adams

Remember when the media said President Trump was terrifying and delusional when he called Kim Jong un Little Rocket Man?

President Trump told Kim that he also had a nuclear button but it was much bigger and more powerful one, in response to Kim saying his “nuclear button was on his desk all the time.” The Media called him a ranting old guy with nukes." LOL Now in the media and in congress there is talk of a Nobel Prize.


Remember when Trump praised Kim and said he did great things and his people loved him? And suddenly praising murderous dictators was ok in the eyes of Republicans?


Copies…all you need are copies. That’s how it works. You’re just too stupid to know it but…you still can’t inspect the hardware.


That’s because liberals are busy doing other things, not listening to 9+ hours of the same angry blame-Democrat rants, then coming here to repeat what was said the day before.


He is the negotiator-in-chief for a reason. Who knows, Kim might be inspired to make those things true.


What has he negotiated that has been effective?

Obamacare - Still the law of the land
NoKo - Kim is still forging ahead with nuclearization
Tried to boss around NATO members.
Sided with Putin instead of America in terms of hacking

Where is the negotiation?


Do you even realize what a silly statement your last sentence is?

“He’s negotiator-in-chief. Who knows…someday he MIGHT get results”.

It’s fascinating to watch you both acknowledge he’s gotten no results but yet have faith he’s some great negotiator in the very same sentence!


BAC threads are always entertaining.


I have zero faith in Trump. You mistook me for a Trump worshipper.


I wouldn’t want to listen to a show where I agree with everything the host says. I wouldn’t find that stimulating at all. Don’t know how conservatives can do it. Worse yet are the people who wait on hold for hours just to say, “I totally agree with you Sean, Rush etc…” .I don’t need to live in an echo chamber.


Shouldn’t you be watching tv and reading newspapers for the next thing else to be deranged about? You can’t win with this one.

NYT David Sanger said President Trump “deserves enormous credit” for the progress in North Korea. United Nations Ambassador Bill Richardson (Bill Clinton) thinks these negotiations have great promise.


Yes, little else can account for such an over the top reaction. No Americans knowingly invoked, no real effect on the election.

That’s why dem talk about the facebook ads but don’t show them… The ads are silly…


And the swamp has no clue on what to run on this cycle. They may make it on Trump hate and ginning up racism. But what a sad way to win that would be. Trade used to be a dem issue.


Missing that that misdirection was any formal declaration Cloudstrike was officially contracted by the FBI to provide everything related to the hack. In fact, nothing in that piece represented the FBI saying they got anything.

Notice how it begins saying this event was “not out of the ordinary”

But people familiar with these kinds of investigations say withholding the server was nothing out of the ordinary.

Meaning, none of it is factual about the DNC hack. Possibly its like other “ordinary” events.


Unrelated but interesting theory.

Some of the dem dandruff on here keep accusing me of being some guy named Spinich. I can’t even sepell spinish. They have made quite a club out of it.

It occurred to me that the vegetable must have been a conservative. Else why would they liken me to him? Makes sense.

By way of telling you, I’ll be telling the ones on here who can read past 240 characters a theory of mine. Spinisch up and moved. And there is precedent for it.

Waaay back in the happy crappy times before Columbus discovered Columbus, Ohio sometimes American Indian villages would get overrun with lice and fleas. It would get so bad that they’d ABANDON their settlement, go somewhere else, and make a new one.

I’m thinking Spinisch did pretty much the same thing. When he finally got tired of the lice and fleas…he fled. Mo powr to him.

BTW… UPVOTE for your great piece Mx. Christian! Keep 'em coming!