Why stop at just kneeling?

Isn’t kind of weak to just kneel during the National Anthem, wouldn’t burning the flag make a more powerful statement? Do not all professional sports teams have a history of racism? Don’t go to the games and support these teams. What about American companies, don’t they all have a history of racism? Want to make a statement, don’t buy American. Should we support and cheer for our Olympic athletes who are representing in the view of many the most racist country in the world? It just seems to me that there’s many more things one could do to make a more powerful statement.

they can kneel, burn flags etc outside of their profession

Would the athletes be allowed to burn the flag before the games?

Do you know why he took a knee?

It was the suggestion of a former Green Beret. His quote on the matter:

And, you know, people - in my opinions and in my experience, kneeling’s never been in our history really
seen as a disrespectful act. I mean, people kneel when they get knighted. You kneel to propose to your wife, and you take a knee to pray. And soldiers often take a knee in front of a fallen brother’s grave to pay respects. So I thought, if anything, besides standing, that was the most respectful. But, of course, that’s just my opinion.

They are not allowed to kneel during the national anthem at the Olympics you can stop crying.

Sport have always been political.


Tommie Smith and John Carlos were both students at San Jose State University.
A few years back a statue of their Mexico Olympics was placed in the middle of the University.
I remember back in 1968 when they did that. And considering the black protests at the time, no one was that surprised.

The person who won silver asked to have his spot open so people could stand in for him and take in the moment.

I am always shocked when Canadian and American pro sports teams play each other. So many times the same person sings both national anthems. Shocked I tell you.

Are they allowed to burn the flag?

They are also not allowed to wear shorts when playing beach volleyball.

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Hells yeah’!

Dumbass behaviour always runs it course, let it…
Americans have a God given right to be dumb dumbs.

Pathetic liberals! They can’t even hate America right!


Good rule!

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And he was right. I see it as a plea from a position of submission.

A green beret is a hat.

That’s about the only response needed for this thread😆

I honestly don’t care. :wink:

That is a pretty good statement by his high paid PR person trying to save his but.


What’s wrong with burning the flag?

Yes, or How about leaving the country you hate and going to one you like.

There are no more American heroes in sports, so who cares…?