Why stop at just kneeling?

I would think that would make a more powerful statement if a group of professional athletes did that instead of taking a knee.

Nope it upsets people like you.

Very effective.


Sure but why is that a bigger deal than say kneeling

So the purpose is promote hate and division within the US?

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Kneeling is a protest against police brutality. Doesn’t promote anything.



Google Nate Boyer.

Why do some get so riled up about athletes taking a knee? Why do some on all sides of the political spectrum care so much about what others do if they aren’t hurting anyone? There’s something to be said for Libertarianism.

If it’s that bothersome, why watch sports?

Television hasn’t been something that’s interested me in years. Don’t even want to watch the Olympics as I’ve lost interest.

It’s more fun to swim or have a tennis partner or even kick a ball around the neighborhood park than watch sports anyway.

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50 plus years of love it or leave it. Nobody is leaving.

They are gladiators. This whole nobody cares about sports anymore (not addressing you) or i quit watching football is mostly nonsense.

Just wondering again. What’s wrong with burning the flag?

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Why does anyone blindly have to love or leave? I’ve never understood that idea.

Now the moment someone starts seriously pushing say the quality of French health care or the Icelandic work week or some other aspect of another country, perhaps they should consider starting the emigration process. God made plenty of places on this planet to choose to live.

But peaceful protest of one issue means you hate your country? I’m sorry, what?! I thought the First Amendment granted the right to peaceful protest.

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Wait i am confused you think that taking other societies ideas are a reason for leaving.

John Locke was English…

Conservative love blind obedience to the State.

no one on the U.S Olympic team hate America.

Personally I think the whole taking a knee is weak as pointed out in the OP.

Raising fists into the air probably too.

Everyone gets the sarcasm.

Ever since Kaep knelt, there have been many discussion about the “proper” way to make an effective protest. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a SINGLE specific example given of how Kaep and the Kneelers should “properly protest” in order to make change.

And remember, Kaep isn’t a dude who just talked the talk. He’s put his money where is mouth is over the years and has worked to affect exchange, donating money to various charitable organizations, running camps for kids in low-income areas, donating much of his time to those in need-all before the kneeling began and his NFL career was effectively over.

I guess the answer all along was flag-burning.

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those people were attacked with fire hoses and police dogs for hating America.


Because Keap wanted to make America a better place.
he didn’t want to blindly show obedience to the state.