Why so serious?

I don’t know… it was a serious issue. But one of my forum opponents pointed out a typo of mine in a way that was funny but still had a message in it. I hate to admit it - he being such a pain - but it seemed a friendly and hilarious way to point out the typo.

Mods will be mods though. So whatever.

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Thanks, I wasn’t trying to be malicious.

This has nothing to do with aisles. In this context I don’t care what your politics are. Ask them.

I don’t cater to anybody. Good posters who can stay on topic get some slack every now and then, like you did there until your wagon got full.

Were you off topic and therefore trolling?

Indeed. And it stuck, until the next one.

I was laughing at a joke. Is that off limits now?

Were you off topic and therefore trolling? Did you escalate his poem with your meme?

Which also stuck until you wanted to start a debate about it.

Learn to take a hint.

This is a direct result of years of trolling into oblivion. Of taking a thread about A and making it about Z.

Learn to take a hint.

And just for the record, we recently discussed letting up a bit now that the election is over. And we have. In order for that to work, you have to learn to take a hint. Don’t argue about it, just take the hint and move on.

Could you just answer my question about what’s an acceptable post now? Tell me if it’s off limits or not. Are we not allowed to laugh at jokes? Was it because it’s a meme? If I had posted “I don’t care who you are, that’s funny right there” would that have been okay?

Honestly, I never, ever get into this stuff but a clarification on this doesn’t seem like much to ask.

Are you taking some time off over the next few days? You need to. Don’t ban me for saying that. I’m just offering some objective friendly advice. And to show my good will… i will not even get within 100 ft of a TOS violations so that you can take some time off. Come back all full of cookies and ham or whatever you are having for Christmas. You deserve a break.

What is acceptable - on topic, pertinent discussion.

A joke about a typo.

Taking the hint.

What is not acceptable - off topic trolling to change the topic.

Piling on a joke about a typo.

Trying to argue about it and dragging the thread further off topic.

Not taking the hint.

All you had to do was stop.

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Absolutely not. In fact, now my new goal is to increase my time here.

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What a contrarian! A master!

Have a good Christmas SneakySFDude . It’s Christmas eve. Even the Germans and the Brits apparently took a break.

You too Call_me_Ishmael

We all done?

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I’ll just add that you could have left the joke and reaction alone, and only removed the part where you and Tommy we’re arguing instead of deleting everything. It was your response to Tommy’s Redfox image where things went off the rails.

Some may consider that a threat. :sweat_smile:

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Now remember kids, respect is a two way street.

That wouldn’t have been equal. And your “joke” is where the off topic actually started.

So it’s my fault?