Why so serious?

Assuming other forum members are cool with it, it would be nice if the mods could relax a little on deleting humor from threads? I can understand if it actually sidetracks the conversation for 10+ posts, but what’s wrong with a little levity that lasts a few posts?


Where did you get 10+? Why not 5? Or 20?

What got them all deleted?

Thought it was a reasonable number.

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I added to it.

A mod, I assume.

Not who, what?

5 doesn’t seem like an issue… 10 seems like its starting to take over. Its relative, perhaps I’ve muddied the conversation giving a number.

Did someone flag it?

This got them all deleted.

A story insisting. From before concerted efforts were made to troll every thread off topic and into oblivion.

Yours was fine, then the bandwagon jumping starts. So they all go. Thank the band leader.

Learn to take a hint.

Wasn’t that in response to a comment you made about the typo?

5 was in this case.

Yes. Learn to take a hint.

All I did was reply to your comment. That’s still there last I checked. About me laughing at a joke.

Yes it’s still there. Learn to take a hint.

With all do respect, who’s the band leader then? Altair made a post with a typo, I made a joke, Tommy posted a gif, and you said “Now it’s about a typo.”

No laughing at jokes allowed? Okay I guess.

You. Learn to take a hint.

No jumping on the bandwagon. Be a leader, not a follower. Learn to take a hint.

I’d like to hear some people from the other side of the political aisle give their takes as I know I’m one of the cockroaches around here and not who you guys try to cater to.

I’ve always followed the rules here. Twelve years. Even when they’ve changed, drastically in many cases.

I don’t know how I’m supposed to follow vague, secretive new TOS rules that won’t be explained even when asked. “Take a hint” is not a policy.