Why Should Someone Not End Their Own Life?

If they don’t even matter to any person in their life, why would they to God?! I can’t do this anymore.

Am temporarily on my own due to death of FIL. Husband is outside the country. Daughter is with grandparents in another state.

So yesterday kid (13), is pitching a fit & absolutely hates me because I won’t indulge her wish for a pair of in style ripped jeans. Says I’m never there for her, and she can’t talk to me about anything, unlike her other friends with their moms.

Failed to get a return phone call from someone I value, & it was to discuss two business matters. Will try with someone else instead.

Not a drinker in years, but realized I hadn’t done 12 step, or any other counseling, in years, and really, haven’t been improving my life. Decided to give 12 Step another try.

With family chaos being something of an emotional drain, I did as advised & used a phone number to talk to another member. Now the individual made some valid points, but did anyone see “Mrs. Doubtfire”? The scene where a dour applicant for the housekeeper position was interviewed?

“I don’t do windows, don’t cook meals, won’t play any games, can’t tolerate this, don’t like that”, & Sally Field’s character terminates the interview. I felt with this individual like Sally Field with the dour job applicant.

I really don’t matter to anyone. Why would I to God?

To this point. Every 13 year old girl says this. Every single one. Yes, all her friends say this to their moms. She needs to be able to say this to her mom and still be loved.

Please be gentle on yourself, and keep trying for help. Don’t give up because of one bad apple. Your daughter needs you more than you know. Suicide would devastate her.

She needs you now, she needs you 10 years from now, she needs you 20 years from now…

We’re all your friends here too. Take care of yourself first, for now, Janet.

Hugs and love.


I was reading that the happiest people tend to have an attitude of gratitude.

So lately I make a concerted effort to think of all the things I should be grateful for.


I think it’s enough to matter to yourself.

Yes. And we should remember to be kind to ourselves, especially when no one else is:


Not to be flippant but there is the 2020 Kentucky Derby, Of course its a metaphor.

Isnt there something that you have as a long term goal in life?


any time things get crazy in my life. I think about my long term goals and that gets me though.


I sincerely hope you dont end your life, sorry if I am misinterpreting your post. But please see your doctor and a therapist. Depression and anxiety is a real and serious medical condition. It CAN be treated. I’ve been taking antidepressants for some time now and it has been a huge help. CBT therapy is also very useful.

It’s hard to recognize like other physical illnesses because you arent thinking right - thats part of the illness.

Go to your doctor and talk about it. Make an appointment today or tomorrow.

And you arent alone. Many well established business people, athletes, and entertainers struggle with it. It’s much more common than you may think. Seek medical help


Volunteer somewhere and help strangers. Sometimes helping others you dont know can really lift your spirits. Or volunteer at an animal shelter.

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Don’t do it destroys everyone around you, teens can be real sh**s the phase usually passes they will need you.

I haven’t been to church since in a long time one of the big positives I remember was community in real life your not going to get online.

Ahh, well I didnt see that. Removed my cat comment

Crocheting some items for our new home is one goal. Am halfway through one of the items.

Perhaps there is one friend. We spoke yesterday.

She’s older & wiser, & said “If you have to beat yourself up, do it with a feather.”

Buddhist teaching sounds similar. Be comfortable with yourself & others’ perceptions won’t matter.

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I think this is the most important thing, and also the most difficult for many.

My wife loves to crochet, we got so much yarn around the house it isn’t funny.

We have a storage unit that has yarn in it.

Yarn yarn yarn…


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you matter to your daughter!

she needs you. and loves you. fits about jeans dont count.


It’s hard thing to do when the entire world and yourself seems to always wanting more more from you. Gotta grow that bank account, produce more work

One of the nice things I learned from almost dying of cancer back in my 20s is I’m not taking with me but what you do get to take with you is all the times you helped others and you get to leave behind good memories with people.


Other aspects of buddhism is that we suffer because we crave and attach ourselves to things that are impermanent. That everything ebbs and flows, comes and goes, its impermanent. And that the path to happiness is attenuation our cravings and attachments, and rather focus on our actions - right thought, right action, compassion. The 4 noble truths and eightfold path. Its helped me in my life. Maybe studying Buddhism would be a healthy exercise for you? Even if just academic?

But per my previous post though, if you are depressed and/or anxious and it is affecting your ability to live you really should speak to your GP. Sometimes you can be depressed or anxious for so long, you forget how it is not to feel that way until you feel different. It can slowly creep up overtime where you dont know it’s happening until you break. Antidepressants have helped me and many others but that’s something to talk to your Dr about. If you had to take medicine to help control your diabetes you do what you have to do.


Damn… glad you pulled through.

It is all good. It gave me an experience many don’t get until they are old and it allowed me to understand others

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Learning about different faiths is enjoyable.

Attaching to the impermanent sounds like a Hindu teaching I read about in a very old (1947) book about the faith.

It teaches a need to detach, otherwise, if one is too emotionally invested, relationships that should bring joy become a source of aggravation.