Why now? more texts

recently mark meadows writes a letter to Rosenstein complaining about new text messages.

this has been going on for over a year why would there be any new text messages at this stage?

There aren’t. IG Horowtiz already completed his review of all this. Meadows just tried to weave a new narrative out of thin air.

Then he got caught completely hacking/slashing quotes out of context and had to send out an “updated” story.

Notice that your link is 2days old? Since then Meadows was forced to reconcile his fan fiction with reality, and he “updated” his thoughts.

Since then, barely an update from the people that originally pushed this story for him.

Seems like no one’s talking about it anymore.

Meadows seriously embarrassed his go-to mouth pieces, and I imagine some of them are mad at him for it.


to what end do they keep pushing misinformation

I haven’t seen the updated story.

Can you link it please?

Because it goes exactly to the question I asked yesterday when this story was posted…were the quotes that were juxtaposed to weave the narrative quotes that SHOULD have been juxtaposed?

It seems you’re telling me Meadows was forced to admit the quotes should NOT have been juxtaposed.

These are wild animals bootz. Wild, thirsty, hungry.

There can only be one king of the jungle and they all think they’re that one.

Maybe because they are stonewalling. It is their interest to stall long enough in hopes that democrats retake congress. Then congress shuts down all investigation.

If you were politically savvy you would know this.

This article discusses Mark Meadows getting his ass handed to him after he pulled his latest conspiracy theory straight out of a sows ear at a North Carolina Farm Animal speed dating event.

the daily caller articles says recently released documents it does not define recently. I also do not expect elected officials to blatantly misrepresent facts for political purposes if I did I would be a democrat.

Are you denying that CoJ and FBI is stonewalling?

So my suspicion was correct.

Man, I hate being correct like this all the time.


The idea you’re replying to isn’t real.

That then means your entire post is a work of imagination. Pure fiction. It’s honestly not your fault though.

those are demoncrat talking points no more credible than any other talking points.

how about you address the question why now.

if indeed it was a stop leak strategy, where are the documents to prove it.

both sides will continue to lie if people like you support it.

I’ll do ya one better than documents.

why is it not real? it could be real.

waiting on one better

your statement was something like “why are these texts still coming out”

That’s not the case. IG horowitz already reviewed these. The only thing that just came out is a new narrative Meadows created. That only lasted a day before it too, disappeared, because it was obvious nonsense, because again, Horowitz.

James A Wolfe

Got everything you love to hate. Deep state guy banging young reporters, trading info for sex.

So why has everyone forgotten him? I think its because if we remember him, Mark Meadows has a harder time writing fan fiction.

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They’re based on the actual texts IN CONTEXT.

So how are they no more credible than cherry-picked texts wrongly juxtaposed?

ok, hw, when did doj release those texts? what date and to who?

same information with a different made up context.