Why No Daily Covid Briefings From "the biden White House"?

Well yeah, I did. You made an easily disprovable claim that I disproved with actual facts instead of feelers.

Sorry to have demolished your talking point. Better luck next time.

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Better get the bots out to talk about Delta.


What questions could you possibly have at this point?

Not that you would accept the answers anyway.:roll_eyes:


I want to know the results of any investigations into the reported deaths of several thousand Americans linked to the covid vaccine.

Check that, tens of thousands!!

There is a government run website where these reports weremade. What are the findings??


I assume that you are referring to the VAERS report? The totally unscientific where anybody can report VAERS report?


The Brits did a bit of fact checking on this.

Aren’t those reports supposed to be investigated? Where are the results of said investigation?

That doesn’t preclude the CDC from reporting them.

More conflicting information on current status.

So it really isn’t a crisis, simply an uptick.

Chasing phantoms takes a while. You can expect reports, but don’t expect to see them anytime soon.

…because Biden’s actions at the border, removing all of the protections Trump put into place, has allowed this variant to enter the US and then at taxpayer expense, he flew them around the country and spread it further and faster.

What would his briefing be, “I’m sowry”?


Ah interesting that whoever is spreading this meme about bots didn’t link to the actual accounts but instead only provided screenshots with the Twitter handles cut off so one couldn’t do a search on them easily.

So far I’ve found the first account and tweet.
The second account appears to be locked.
The third account doesn’t appear to exist.


And oh check this out…looks like you were duped.


…said the Bidenite. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


I went straight to the CDC website and had no problem finding their reported numbers. What was the issue, again?

Nice try at deflection.

This poster here and many others were suckered by ■■■■ posters.

Own it.


Those questions have been answered over and over. We know what works. Everyone needs to mask up in hot spots along with the other protocols. And we have a vaccine. But some people won’t listen, won’t take precautions, and won’t get the vaccine. Why bother wasting time on briefs anymore?

…exactly Bidenite. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

It’s right on the first page of the NYT web site. Every day.

You must be talking about some other “news” outlets.

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Yeah, not like it’s important or anything.