Why No Daily Covid Briefings From "the biden White House"?

Cases are up.

Hospitalizations are up.

Deaths are up.

The “science” is all over the place.

Shouldn’t the people making the big decisions be out there answering questions??

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For the same reason the “news” outlets quit giving you a daily death toll.


Great point.

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what a massive failure of “leadership”

cant wait till they talk about shutting everything down again

the left will be so happy

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Because many states, especially red ones, stopped reporting numbers.

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A segment of the US population is being dissuaded from getting vaccinated. “News” “outlets” are the primary culprit of pushback against the vaccine. We know what’s causing the uptick in cases. What questions have been unanswered?

Aren’t there daily press briefings?

With a covid task force??

Not that I’m aware of.


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Oh those evil Republicans. Get a rope.

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Which segment is that?

black folk?



Where are they getting their news?

And stop just running with those weak talking points. FoxNews people have been encouraging people to get vaccinated from the start.

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My point being, there are daily opportunities for the press to ask the Biden administration about the COVID response.

The Trump administration was holding daily COVID briefings because of the newness and severity of the situation. They were also not holding regular daily press briefings.

What a weak pivot.

You tried to blame “news outlets” for the lack of reporting on stats. I provided evidence to the contrary. Sorry to have ruined your talking point.

last one was a couple days ago.
they are about once a week.


There are not enough laugh emojis to respond to this post.

We get it.

Biden bad. Could have just saved everyone the trouble and made that the OP.

biden and psaki are not scientists.

They’re not even “scientists”.

I did see a teeny bopper music star at the press room lectern.

Is that what they mean by “follow the science”??


Google white house covid briefing. Looks like they are about every 2 weeks.

You ruined nothing.

It’s habit with “news” sources when certain people are in the WH.

I remember the Iraq death count went away pretty damn fast also.



One teleconference 6 days ago where they took 4 questions.

Doesn’t really answer my question about daily briefings from the White House.

Over 80,000 cases per day

Nearly 300 deaths per day.

Hospitalizations on the rise.

And no one to answer questions.