Why Men Competing With Women Is Regressive

Came across this on YouTube today:

These men aren’t transgender. Scary part is they’re really good.

Those who claim to support female athletes, why would you want either trans or men who self identify as women competing in women’s sports?

Men have greater muscle mass, greater cardiovascular and upper body strength. In this particular sport, they peak at a later age than women, so they’d get to participate longer than their female counterparts.

How is allowing men to compete as women “progressive”? If anything it’s regressive, as the ultimate competition, the Olympic Games, was originally restricted to male competitors.

If more men compete as women, it will revert to this status. Before seeing this video, I thought women’s gymnastics would be immune to men competing as women. Now I think it’s entirely possible as these performers are rock solid.

John Money approves of this insanity.

Transgenders in sports is just the newest culture war wedge issue. There isn’t a rash of men competing as women nor will that happen.

It is a new moral panic designed to even further demonize a marginalized group of people because almost everyone stopped hating on the gays.


It’s all politics unless someone convinces me otherwise. We all saw how Jenner quickly left the interest and news cycles once she came out as Republican that to a significant percentage is worse than coming out as trans.

And how we slingshotted from bathrooms to trans in female sports as well as hormones for younger people. No one is stopping to ask is this the right thing.

Is the issue of transgenders in sports so much of a thing that actual legislation has to be drawn up about it? Also… why is it that the concern is for men being in women’s sports and not the other way around?

Hormones for younger people. That is also not the concern of the State as long as it is a decision made by the individual along with the parents or guardians and the doctor. Until there is actual evidence that harm of this treatment outweighs the benefit then it is none of the business of the State to get involved.

I see this issue as yet another culture war wedge issue and that is it.

The left creates a new culture change demand. Men who call themselves transgender should be able to compete in womens sports even thought they have the body mass of others born as men. Then, when someone refuses to accept this new demand, they are accused of creating a divisive issue.

Rinse and repeat.

And disagreeing that transgender men should be involved in womens sports is not “hating on” anyone. That is nonsense.


The “Left” didn’t create a culture demand.

What we have are some Trans youth who want to do sports. We are speaking of a number of people
that is a very small capacity.

But for some reason this issue has an outsized concern versus the actual impact on society.

Why is that?

Is this a serious question? You can’t figure this out on your own?


Define “outsized”.

Does disagreeing with the “solution” make the response “outsized”?

I think it might be related to gay men being more of a threat than lesbians.

How many transgenders are in sports?

Or it might be related to men having naturally greater upper body strength than women, so that women in mens sports wont create an unfair advantage but the reverse is not true.

This is true for teens on hormonal therapy? Remember that lawsuit a little while back about having a trans teen run track against cis gendered girls because of the unfair advantage? One of the people who filed that lawsuit actually beat the trans teen in a State competition two days after the filing of that suit.


This is all culture war stuff and nothing more.

Male to female trans are the majority.

By comparison, not many women transition to male.

The minority within the minority for both is trans interested and having ability and sport.

Seems to me not many of the few women transitioning to men express interest in sports.

Mack Beggs was a trans male that was competing in high school girls wrestling a few years back.

Beggs would have rather competed in the male category but the regulations at the time restricted him from doing so because of his birth sex.

So what do we make of that?

I think the issue of it being the other way around (At least to me) is they are fighting up not down. So I am for the wrestler who is wanting to fight men who is transitioning in Texas.

Although if it was up to me he/she would not be wrestling other girls while taking steroids. Men are stronger it’s basic biology, obviously they are some exceptions to that rule like the lady who was cancelled not long ago Gina Carano she would take down quiet a few men but in MMA I am not so sure.

Anyways I am not anti-trans just think they should slow down, as Dave Chepelle said it’s complicated.

Is there any instance where trans teens in sports have caused real and lasting problems?

It is this all just fear based culture war stuff?

I like sports where everyone is on a level playing field.

Auto racing.

Horse race (a jockey who is female just one the Grand National on Saturday)


Culture is part of it as well as influencing especially children who may or may not think they are trans and go ahead and start transitioning who might not be doing for any other reason other than they think it’s the thing to do.

I am for a trans-league. We always had a women’s and men’s sports league for the longest time and I hate to throw a wrench in something that has worked for so long just to plz an extremely small group at the expense of others.

I don’t see why a trans league isn’t the way to go and all this stuff would be nothing to talk about. I am on the record for supporting trans people using any restroom they like as well as not being persecuted for the way they choose. I am also for a trans league and not allowing men who are now women to compete against women. And I am strongly against transitioning anyone under 18. Those are my only quips, other than those two issues I could care less, oh and the pronouns I am not for that as well but thankfully I haven’t been hearing about that as much these days.

But is that really a thing? Is that something that is a concern? Is it the same old idea that a kid might erroneously think that they are gay just because gay people exist?

Is there a base of trans teens that would make up a league? It is a small group… would it be enough to sustain a league? is this based off of any real data and information or is it just fear?

I don’t think that it is any of my business really and unless there is new data that shows that treating gender dysphoria in teens with hormones is more harmful than helpful then it will continue to be none of my business.