Why is the biggest story ignored by the media, both on the left and the right?

Shouldn’t one of the biggest stories be “Who is Q?”

See video between 50:15 to 58:00 for a detailed explanation from Scott Adams:

Given the universal surveillance is it possible that the intelligence agencies don’t know who Q is?

If they really are unable to find the identity of Q, then shouldn’t that be a big story?

Adams goes on to speculate that the only logic explanation that he can come up with is that a US intelligence agency is behind Q.

I have heard a rule of thumb that a double agent needs to provide ten pieces of true information for every lie in order to establish credibility. It is likely Q was providing a lot of true insights even if it was just a covert operation by an intel agency.

The idea that the FBI or other intelligence agency would run something like Q is certainly consistent with a pattern of behavior revealed decades ago. For background see: COINTELPRO - Wikipedia

Does anyone have a better explanation about why the identity of Q has not been a bigger story?

Who cares?

It doesn’t matter. It never has mattered.

I have no doubt that the US intelligence apparatus knows who “q” is. I doubt they care much.

I would rather the media not give Q any credibility by covering them.

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I have no words…

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How about this. Q is only a conspiracy theory with no basis in fact.
It really is that simple.
I will predict that as the Covid-19 virus goes away, so will the talk about Q.
It will die a most needed death.

Scott Adams is not the media. He is nothing more than a crazy conspiracy kook who draws funny pictures



What Would Sir Humphrey Appleby Do?

I know Yes, Minister was satire and farce, but years later it came out it was satire and farce that was informed by people actually in government, on the sly as it were. Some events, like the sneaking in booze to the embassy gig, actually happened where other storylines conformed to actual practice.

Thus, WWSHAD … and, yes, it’s believable it was all a counter intel operation. The Deep State has much more in common with Big Brother, or Sir Humphrey, than the Founding Fathers.

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The unarmed woman was shot dead at the Capitol was reportedly a Qanon follower.

Is Q responsible for her death?

What if Q was really a covert operation by an intel agency? Are they responsible for the violence at the Capitol?

Google “who is Q”

Let us know what you find out👍

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I agree. Big Brother and Sir Humphrey are also fictional characters

What if giant purple spiders really control Q?

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I was referring to ideology.

But that said, we really don’t need a Deep State to be the bad actor.

The Democrats suffice.

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I’ve got to say - I’d hate to work for The Onion or The Babylon Bee right now. I mean, how the hell do you satirize a culture where a significant portion of the population comes up with better satire than you could even possibly imagine, then accepts their own satire as reality?


I don’t use Google.

The ideology of 3 fictional characters

Well then, use the web browser of your choice. You will find a variety of articles addressing your question in the OP

No, she’s the only one responsible for her actions.

What if it was aliens?

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What proof do you have that is wasn’t?


Hey - maybe it was the Borg. You know, there was a movie where the Borg went back in time and changed history on earth so that the Federation would never be a thing.

For all we know, Hillary could actually be the Borg Queen. They could be using our satellites at this very moment to contact the Borg in the Delta Quadrant to come to earth to make it their new headquarters.


It’s just as probable as what Q believers swallowed

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