Why is President Trump not a treasonous traitor?

The US has been and is currently under attack by a hostile foreign power.

The US President refuses to do anything to defend the US against these attacks. In fact, the US President denies his own governments findings and warnings and evidence that the US is even under attack by a hostile foreign power. He actually blames Americans for the attacks.

Why is he not a traitor and committing treason?

Want to name the countries that haven’t hacked our computers? That would be a shorter list than those that have.


What is your point?

Were those countries cooperating with a President during those acts who then went on to both downplay their involvement while going out of his way to give them every geopolitical win possible?

List the US Presidents that encouraged these attacks, benefited from them electorally, and then completely denied they were taking place and refusing to do anything about it.

That’s the treasonous part, since you seemed to need a little help focusing.


Not technically illegal?


You can provide proof of this? Better call the special prosecutor and give it to him.


I’m sure he already knows about multiple key figures of the Trump campaign/family meeting with Russians to discuss illegally obtained information, with Trump himself then helping to craft a statement lying about what took place. That has been public for like a year or more now.

Trump was cooperating with them? News to me, have you called CNN?

It’s not really a crime if lots of people (probably… maybe…) do it.

Is it Illegal and wrong of the USA for Interfering in other countries Elections or Hacking into other countries servers?

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He actively encouraged it, surrounded himself with people that had secret dealings with Russians that they lied about, had multiple members of his campaign/family meet with Russian operatives expressly to obtain illegally obtained information, and continues to helm an administration that lies constantly about these events to this day.

It’s not news to you. You and the majority of other Republicans simply don’t care.

That’s because we all secretly work for the Russians.

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It hasn’t been a secret for awhile now.

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Allow conservative David French to reply…


who can forget this gem?


Republicans actually did use voter profile databases worth millions of dollars that were hacked from the DNCC in elections in at least 5 states.

Aside from that, for the third time, the United States has been and is currently under attack by a hostile foreign power. The President is about the only person in government who refuses to believe this, and is refusing to do anything about it.

Why isn’t that treason? Why isn’t President Trump a traitor?

because he’s giving the Old South a chance to rise again.

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I’m now convinced that he absolutely is a traitor.

What the hell is wrong with you people?