Why is it the fake news and some Democrats are tring to sell us garbage?

The fake news and some Democrats want Americans to think Cohen who’s going to jail for lying is credible.

Infanticide is ok.

Having no wall will protect the American people and prevent future victims of drug trafficking and human trafficking.

Biggest lie ever the Russian collusion created by criminals and pushed by fake news.

The big green deal is another joke that’s too expensive but that doesn’t matter says fake news and some Democrats.


Cohen isn’t credible at all any more. He lied under oath, and
now he’s probably going to try and lie again about Trump,
to save himself.

Seems like Democrats could care less about the consequences that come
with Drugs, considering they seem to wish to legalize it all.

Human trafficking, well, Democratic Politicians can rape and
abuse women, and seem to get away with it, so why wouldn’t they
be ok with Sex trafficking also?

Maybe in 20 years or so Democrats can find a Russian hat in the White
House and that will be the Collusion between Trump and Russia? lol.

All Americans need to watch and see who is voting for the Green New Deal,
and ask themselves if they really want Socialism in America or not?


Wouldn’t it be amazing if Trumplicans were the arbiters of whose lies are more credible?

Too bad they sold their souls and forfeited any claim to integrity by supporting their pathological liar.


When a core reason Cohen is going to prison is that he lied to cover up crimes the President of the United States was engaged in, of course his story deserves to be heard.


I’ll bet you don’t have any evidence that a Democrat does or has ever supported infanticide.

Many Trumpists love to believe in simplistic solutions to complex problems. In the case of abortion, why even bother to try to delve into the dynamics of life, choice, and the difficult decisions that come with nonviable pregnancies when you can just paint a picture of liberals gleefully dancing around the corpses of healthy, fully developed babies?

It’s the intellectually lazy choice, so therefore the default for far too many.


That dude was stupid for going to jail for lieing for a guy who easily threw him under the bus. And he calls himself a lawyer. What kind of lawyer goes to jail being caught lying? And further what sort of idiot hires such a lawyer?

To be fair, Trump’s entire public life is basically filled with him heaping praise on people he believes are useful to him and then dropping them without hesitation the moment he thinks it might benefit him. How many members of his own Cabinet or inner circles has he turned on? Fellow Republicans? Members of the media? Spouses? You would think eventually people might stop falling for the con, yet here we are.

You would think that, but the maga crowd loves being worked over.

They really have little or nothing else to run on or with.

Blocking the Infants Born Alive Act is pretty strong evidence. The Virginia and NY law are very strong evidence.

Cohen has done little other than put a fork in the claim of the Russian Collusion/Conspiracy meme.


Agreed even left wing Vox who was pushing the Russian Collusion story as much as anyone admitted Cohen put the nail in the coffin to the worse part of collusion accusations in the steel dossier.

He’s going to jail for lying. If he claims he was lying FOR SOMEONE ELSE, guess what… that would be the claim of A LIAR. Why would anyone choose to believe it?

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How would you feel about your children and your doctor consult and agree to anaesthetise you, and then dismember you and the doctor sell your body parts for his own profit. Why would that be less immoral than a mother and doctor agreeing to not anaesthetising and then dismembering her third trimester baby, or even anaesthetising and then dismembering her third trimester child?

He may have meant to say fanticide - that’s the killing of conservative fantasies by Liberals.

Seems he lied when he thought the person he was lying for would use his status to protect him. Now that he realizes he was hoodwinked maybe it is time for him to be more forthcoming.

But since you made the point. Its amazing that i certain segment of our population takes Trump at his word despite his repeatedly demonstrable lies which occur at a daily clip. Things that make you go… hmmm.

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I doubt everything he said was true, but Cohen is about 100x more believable than the lying president.

that 35K check with Trump’s signature that was presented as evidence is pretty credible. :slight_smile:



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Very interesting that republicans loved cohen while he was lying and hate him when he tells the truth…

Offers great insight to their general state of mind…

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