Why is it mostly Democrat Towns have riots?

It seems that every time there’s a riot it’s a democrat run town. What’s up with that?

is it OK to just burn down buildings, loot, even burn down a police station?

Good grief.

Good leadership??

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Since we are going to make this a party thing.


According to your link, Dem cities have 1st, 2nd and 3rd place all sewn up.


Yup. And always will. Large cities have large minority populations and therefore a huge democrat vote. Never been a mystery. And about once or twice a year someone brings that up here. But in all the years that I have been here, they criticize without ever offering what their thoughts are about a solution. Funny that.

Why don’t the leaders of those cities have any solutions? Why do you expect other people to fix their problem?

Is Mayor Lightfoot in Chicago telling the cops not to engage protesters/looters solving the problem?


It seems that every big city in this country has their amble share of social experiments.
And this recent racial spark set off a explosive reaction. The Governor today was critical of himself and other civic leaders for good reason. Lesson learned.
And other cities who have major problems have tried a lot of different options.
I am from San Francisco so I am interested in their attempts to solve the homeless situation.
Chicago for years has had a gang violence situation. Both cities have tried a lot of things that both parties contributed to. And yet they have not found solutions. It is all a trial and error deal that might last for many more years.

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Not sure Chicago is the best example there.

one thing we see is higher population tends populations toward more left leaning ideologies. The whole psychological aspect to rioting is the separation of thinking as an individual into more of acting as a group. Also I think sense of community has a lot to do with it. In middle america, we see more of a sense of community. This is primarily due to more monogamous cultures along with the smaller population. But in larger cities, that community is separated. There are so many diverse people that you lose that sense of community.

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I’m not sure that this is the case with many large cities. From long ago in New York, cultural groups formed together in areas of the cities (i.e. Little Italy). The same happens today. I am from the Bay Area and saw how the different Asian immigrants would form their communities. Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, etc. And they would all organize their communities with shops and religious centers.
I live in a rural, middle America community now. But I don’t see any more or less a sense of community then I did living in a large city in California.

There is a solution, gun control is not it. Obviously leftist governance isn’t either. Causing a civil war will never make it safe. A gun ban or doing away with the 2nd amendment will cause a civil war, so, not a solution. Try again. There will never be a riot in my hometown or looting, for a certainty. Wanna know why? I’ll give you a guess, it involves private gun ownership. It’s very high here.


I linked to a article. I never said that I agreed with it. Try again.

So…YOU link to an article…it had no point to it? Why the link if you wasn’t trying to make a point?

Most of the world’s problems are the result of lousy parenting. The answer is individual responsibility especially regarding bringing a child into the world along with how that child is raised.

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I linked to a article that pointed out that a whole bunch of cities that have high murder rates are represented by Republicans. You started this by making it political. The article cited gun control as a option. I don’t necessary think that it is a viable option. But the question is, why don’t these Republicans voice other options? Can you answer that?

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Because they don’t know any better either? Maybe they are just as deluded as the dems? Not all republicans are conservatives. Many, like Romney are just lightweights/think like dems. It’s why Romney LOST.

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Sometimes I don’t wonder if it really isn’t a case of lousy parenting but the necessity of having both parents having to work to make ends meet. I was raised in the 1950’s where my Mom (like most others) quit their jobs to become housewives. Having her there IMHO made me a better person. And back then there were not a bunch of single parents.

want parents to stay home and guide their children?

close the schools… mom can’t work if the free babysitter of school isn’t there…

it wasn’t the libs who closed the schools… no it was covid… yeah, that’s the ticket… almost utopia

Oh now I agree with you on how one is raised. You would never see me or one of my siblings torching a police station or looting.

Romney lost because Obama was capable of getting a whole bunch of people out to vote. Romney wasn’t a bad candidate. Obama once said that he would not have minded losing to either McCain or Romney because he thought that they were patriots and would defend our country. And I agree with that.