Why is everyone insane?

when you say “we are defenseless,” against what?

Against the capabilities witnessed by Frayvor and Dietrich.

officially the govt says all but like one i think of these released to public is “inconclusive”

If it is false, that is also concerning.

care to outline those capabilities? i’m just as curious.

sorry if what is false?

You really need to watch an interview with Fravor…

If you watch that and aren’t freaked, something is wrong with you. Us government isn’t running this show , whoever the entity flying tic tacs are.

To say that someone (ufo/s) is invading our air space is silly to me, because whatever it is, they can’t get near it/them. Looks like it/they owns the air space.

Precisely my point, our government isn’t in charge, whoever these UAP belong to are.

it’s nearly 4 hours long so i ll watch some parts for now

i know these interviews give you chills and fire the imagination. i’ve seen them since i was a kid, going back to the hypnoses interviews of barney and betty, and “in search of” etc…

but under hypnosis people claim to have been raped by ghosts too

i tend to be skeptical.

Fravor will convince you, I’d bet on it. Plus he’s backed by the us government. Only other option is, disinformation by the us government. Disturbing, to say the least, whichever option you choose. But I judge him and Dietrich to be honest. Our government is defacto controlled by whoever these UAP belong to, Rule the airspace, rule the country.

i watched some of it he is convincing

but not conclusive

can you recommend a time index or two to start watching?

You need to watch it all and then judge his credibility. Not like it’s boring, it’s fascinating. He is extremely credible in my view. As is the other pilot and radar operators. The US isn’t the supreme air power any more, that should have everyone worried. Whoever controls these UAP can drop a nuke on your front door at any time, or worse.

i agree he is credible. no crackpot.

he also debunks a lot of the “balloon” or “seagull” type explanations which is interesting.

my mind is open. but i root explanations of such things in the mundane first because this is reality. there’s always an explanation or a reason. as a scientist by trade and passion i have to begin with that

but i dont blame nor judge you on your position. Who’s to say this is all nothing but “balloons” sensor echos etc? Until we see the actual science behind these phenomena as viewed, they’ll always be curiosities and they certainly dont seem to pose a threat.

we have to live with that because there’s little else we can do

You answered your own question. If we can’t begin to combat them, you’ll just make yourself sick worrying. They’ll do whatever they want. IMO it’s our advanced tech. If it isn’t, I’m not even going to get into who I think it may be. But not aliens.

Worrying about a real threat isn’t a malfunction. It’s rational. And it’s not just Fravor, if you follow this rabbit hole you get to the stars academy and skin walker ranch. Bigelow and Tom Delonge very weird to say the least.

Why should everyone be freaking out?

UAP have been seen since ancient times.

How has human life been changed by that?

Talk about a weird thing over which to freak out.

Oh I’ve gone down that rabbit hole long ago.

There have always been UFOs.

That is a fact.

What they are isn’t and subject to opinion.


Key word, “unidentified”. Many likely explanations beyond a foreign power having technology so advanced.

Even experts can be fooled.