Why is everyone insane?

Let’s all argue about race and gender, while UAP highlight that we are defenseless and imply that our government is secretly controlled by whoever the UAP are. I mean, if I can enter your airspace with impunity, you are under my control and have to do my bidding. Who is running our country? I would have to go with, whoever controls these UAP.

I mean, it isn’t a hard logic trail. If I can fly around your airspace and you can’t touch me, I own you, and you will do as I say or I will drop nukes or worse over all your metro areas. So who is calling the shots? UAP, that’s who.

And yet, it’s barely a blip on the media radar. So odd. I almost have to seek psychological counseling over this. Am I insane, or is our society insane? Going to have to go with the latter here.

My own wife is concerned for my mental stability, because UAP worry me. I worry about anyone who isn’t worried. I am sane, the country by and large, is insane.


■■■ is UAP? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Unidentified aerial phenomena aka ufo. Which I always relegated to fantasy, now it’s real. Or at the very least, my government wants me to think it is.

Oh. The key word there is unidentified. The rest of it is pure imagination.

How so? If they exist and have that capability, they are in control. US government says they exist and have the capability. Therefore, whoever controls them controls the US and humanity at large. If they can as stipulated by our government, go from 80k to sea level in a second, they outgun us by any standard.

I mean it’s so odd, everyone should be freaking out. I know I am. Why are people so calm about unknown entities entering our airspace that we can’t begin to control or combat? I want to know who controls these UAP because, whoever they are, they obviously have the power to control the entire world.

Speaking for myself… Jesus Christ is the top of the food chain, and I’m on His side. So, I’m not worried.

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Ok, one for let God handle it. I am more of a god helps those who help themselves kind of guy.

Meanwhile, freaky ■■■■ is going down.

My guess is they are developed and owned by the US military industrial complex.


Honestly, this is the only political topic being discussed.

Makes no sense. They could have told Frayvor and Dietrich to shut up and they would have. They are very much team government.

I’m more of a “God helps everyone in many ways but He help more those who help Him” kind of guy.

God is good, but I don’t expect him to run my day to day life. Now, back to aliens or another country or individual secretly in control of our government. Whoever controls these UAP are in charge of humanity. That upsets me.

Nope. They are not in charge of me.

Yes, they are, they can deliver a nuke to your front door and your government can’t begin to stop them. Better hope you don’t annoy them.

Death can’t kill me. Nukes can’t kill me. Therefore they don’t own me.

That’s nice, you are invincible, I don’t appear to be. As far as I can tell I am mortal and capable of suffering. Oh and if there is an afterlife, no thanks. One life is enough. Especially if I am to be judged, double no thanks. As in, who will be judging me. Makes a very large difference.

Back to the topic. How is this a joke or not serious? Our government flat out says, there are UAP that far outclass anything we have. Think about the implications.

Sort of like a Native American chief telling his people about rifles.

And if you follow this, it gets even weirder, bunch of paranormal crap involved as well. Essentially boils down to, we don’t see reality as it really is. Which sort of makes sense, because we weren’t evolved to see reality.

Strangest thing I have ever seen really, ufo’s are real, yawn. From the general public

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