Why I Want Bernie to be the Democrat Nominee

Hey, call me crazy, many on the left probably do!

Anyhow, just so you know (& I’ve said it before) I don’t hate anyone, I do get angry, argue my points, & sometimes pound the keys, but I never hate.

The reason I say all this, I want to see a Presidential contest between an actual Socialist & a (mostly) Capitalist. It would be a good eye opener for the country! (Hopefully)

It would get people to debate that & take it seriously, rather than just slow creep toward Socialism, very well ending badly. So being forced to look at it up close to consider what it would mean to our lives.

To me it’s a pipe dream of those who are either indoctrinated or don’t really understand how things work. Some on both sides will never be persuaded to any different thinking, or ever consider both sides COULD POSSIBLY be wrong, at least in a thing or two… but I do think Socialism has a TRACK RECORD of abysmal failure every time it’s tried. So I will be one of those who would never vote for it, based on history & track record. To me it’s just logic.

Having said all that, the right has it’s share of failures & mistakes, it’s just that most of theirs is followed by losing elections, & usually not a great harm to the country as a whole. But if the country ever goes Socialist, I don’t think that fail will end in recovery, I think it would end in…the end…

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Funny you say this because Bernie is up 18 percent over trump with independents as of the latest polls

It’s funny how you call Trump an almost capitalist and Sanders an actual Socialist when Sanders’ policies are more social democrat then actually socialist.

An old politician that enriched himself BSing the working class that now wants to be President promising free everything to be paid for by “rich people” and job providers?
Sanders’ vision and utopian portrait of America would delight Hugo Chavez.
Sanders is about as worthless as a pound of owl ■■■■■ The only real thing about Sanders is he doesn’t hide his Socialist views and says up front his intentions.

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I appreciate that he doesn’t pretend to be religious, which on its own, makes him more authentic than 99% of politicians.

He should have donated more to charity. $19k on his earnings is pretty weak for someone with a “rich people are bad” message (should have followed the Obama approach of increasing giving after book writing).

But, of course, the bar in the general will be pretty low. Sanders never had to pay $2 million for misusing his foundation’s funds.

Hopefully enough voters make it possible to show Sanders and tthe AOC Chooch squad the door!

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I want to see that match up as well it will probably be the most savage general election seen. Savage is probably to kind of a word for the fireworks that will be on display.

Two populists. No thanks. As has been pointed out repeatedly Bernie bros are just as bad if not worse then Q heads and maga ralliers

It will be worth watching how much he embraces or distances himself from her and the squad.

The HUGE elephant in the room is who would be his VP…Which would have a better than usual chance to be relevant.

He doesn’t have any friends and the natural alliance with Warren looks to have been shattered after he called her a liar on national TV.


The Yang gang seemed nice :slight_smile:

Do other crews have a name?

The Klobuchar Karens
The Peter Principles
The Biden Timers

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Meaningless. :wink:

Be careful what you wish for.

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I wouldn’t go that far. The Q guys? Really?

Ok fair enough may be it’s a little much. Just not a big fan of populism. And there is some overlap. Look at the dude who shot up the baseball (softball?) game.

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Well, I guess that debate would be good if only to demonstrate how few people on the right even know what socialism is. As evidenced by people thinking Sanders is a socialist. Or not realizing how many of the programs embraced by republicans would be considered socialist programs.

Just clipping this because I thought it was funny considering this is basically how capitalism and marketing work. You BS the working class to buy your product that they don’t need and/or is priced more than its worth.

Everything? Let’s see, he’s proposing Medicare for All which would be free for those who can’t afford it but would be paid for by not just the rich, but also the middle class… so your statement on that is inaccurate. Oh yea, free college. Again, there is no indication this would only be paid for by rich people… it will be paid for by anyone who pays taxes… which includes parts of the working class.

So “free everything to be paid for by “rich people” and job providers” is a falsehood.

Actually if you look at Sanders’ positions you’d realize he’s not much of a socialist and more of a social democrat. Socialists want to get rid of capitalism and replace it with socialism. Social democrats want to work within the current capitalist system to improve the life of those who suffer the negative effects of capitalism.

Thanks for the detailed analysis
Just clipping this because I thought it was funny considering this is basically how capitalism and marketing work. You BS the working class to buy your product that they don’t need and/or is priced more than its worth.
You left out the part where the individual gets to decide whether they buy the line of BS or spend their dough, regardless of what “class” they come from.

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You saved me some typing.

Individual choice is the key.


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Populism in it’s basic definition roughly means standing up for regular people who feel disregarded by the elite. Which pretty much sounds like the old democratic party line - Party of the working man. Sometime during the rise of right wing populism which swept through Europe during the migrant crisis backlash the media used the phrase in a more sinister dubious way.

Personally I think populism has become a term that some people use for things they don’t like.

In a lot of way you are right. To me populism has become a term to describe election promises that simply can’t be delivered on but sound good on campaign trails