Why Fox news is the most important?

Is Fox news slanted? Yes of course. Are the five “C” networks campaigning for Biden? Certainly. But here’s the difference. Fox covers the Trump saga every step of the way. When Biden corruption hearings are going on, the C networks simply skip it and devote airtime to things like the debunked bloodbath hoax. It’s just absurd. So, without Fox, you would get virtually no Biden scandal coverage whatsoever. Only one point of view would ever be covered. Without Fox we have zero diversity.

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Well I am a loyal fan of Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Greg Gutfeld, and Jesse Waters so I do record their shows, but I find Newsmax is my everyday news source of choice, they are as good, if not better, than Fox News. Because of my devotion to the guys I mentioned above I just can’t cut the Fox News cord completely.

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Important to who? The pharmaceutical and arms manufacturers that buy up the time to keep there ever being a critical eye focused on them? If so, they’ve gotten a wonderful return on their investments.

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Correct. Fox is hated by the left because it slants news differently from their main media. It is hated even more because it discusses news that the left best handles simply by not reporting on it.
If not for Fox and a few others, we would all believe Trump was calling for a literal bloodbath if he lost, just like the bloodbath in the Jan 6 insurrection that he lead before. (note…I am talking about Fox News online, rarely watching cable news)

“Hating FOX” is so 2008.

No one under the age of 50 watches TV news.

Well, I am well over 50 and neither do I. As I said, I was referring to online FoxNews.

No one under 50 reads FoxNews.com, either.

Besides the newly money flush lawyers at dominion and the will be flush lawyers at Smartmatic…

Nor CNN nor MSNBC, from what I am getting online.
According to Axios, 30% of gen Z has Tik Toc as their main source of news.

It’s so important it had to pay 3/4 of a billion dollars without being made to do so by an evil dem jury….

Nobody wonders why

I find it bizarre that anyone would be “loyal” or “devoted” to a political pundit.

I am a bit of a news junkie but definitely have zero loyalty or devotion to any news outlet or one person.

But each to their own I suppose.


I think all cable channels and the regular networks are going to become obsolete over time. As Gen Z and Gen Alpha become the dominant generation that will sound the death knell for cable and TV. Sure it will survive in some form but its golden age is over.

Even me and the wife dont watch network television (apart from local news) everything else is streamed because we decide when to watch it and there are no commercials.

Hunter hearing and impeachment front page of cnn and msnbc right now.

I cannot talk about MSNBC but CNN is covering Bidens issues almost daily. You jave said before you dont watch CNN so obviously your statement is just what you think is the reality and not the actual reality of how its reported.

This happens all the time, someone states CNN etc are ignoring a story to help the dems then links are provided to refute this.

I believe the phenomenon is known as “getting high on their own supply”.

To wit, they have internalized the lie and believe their own propoganda.


Mmmmm. Is that what the ratings say?

Everyone who thinks it’s important to have more than one opinion and believe not all TV media should be in bed with the DNC.

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Have you seen the ratings numbers? A vote from a 50 year old counts as much as a vote from a 25 year old.


To each his own, I agree. I’ve been a fan of Seans for decades and I don’t find that bizarre at all and it’s the reason I come here to this forum, why do you come here?