Why Fox news is the most important?

Not because of Hannity but to shoot the ■■■■ with you and others.

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And over the next twenty-thirty years those of us over 50 now will become a minority and Gen Z and Gen A will become the majority.

The likes of CNN and Fox are on borrowed time.

Are they reporting that Hunter had the audacity to demand a public hearing and then failed to show up? I did see a clip of the idiot OAC and I can bet that the MSM is praising her to the hilt! :roll_eyes:

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Why not watch the MSM so you can know for sure if they are praising her (they are not) instead of just relying on assumptions.

Why not watch Fox News or Newsmax? And hey, how about watching Sean Hannity’s TV show or listen to one of his podcasts every once in a while.

The MSM, aka Legacy Media, is nothing more than a propaganda arm of the DNC, it’s a disgrace and as our gracious host Sean has said for decades now that American journalism is dead in this country and sadly he is so right. Nothing has been the same since Watergate.

I do watch Hannity occasionaly. I find his radio show more interesting. Newsmax is complete amateur hour from my perspective. I would rather watch 12 hours of Fox News than 1 hour of Newsmax.

But should it?

pai mei no2

Still. T.V. news definitely needs an alternative viewpoint. Without out different points of view we basically have Pravda.

Sure, but the lie I am referring to is that one you will say “CNN didn’t cover a thing”, the rest of you will opine on how bad thr LMSM is, and one of us will point out CNN did cover the thing, lather, rinse, repeat.

In short, you have all been conditioned to dismiss the media out of hand, regardless of how many times you’ve been wrong.

Alternative viewpoints requires paying attention to those view points. What you guys are applauding is one view point - yours.

“The battle is won when the average American regards a corporate journalist exactly as they regard a tobacco executive.” Michael Malice

It should count for more just based on experience and the fact that a 50 year old is not as indoctrinated as the younger meatheads!

In short, I definitley have seen enormous stories that I would have never heard of had it not been for Fox.
In short you have been conditioned to believe that Fox only spreads lies.

Oh yeah? Like what? Provide an example.

Awesome. Both-sidesing a fellow poster.:+1:

Also, you are wrong. Better luck next time

No luck needed.
Fox is important because a free society must be allowed to have opposing views.

Opposing views? Fox? What a laugh.