Why fox news is sooo important





Do you sincerely believe all of the people you named here are Democrats?


Well that simply is false. CNN has the exact same ratio in reverse to pro-Trump guests and anti-Trump guests as FNC. It’s why it is hard to watch either network. It’s just constant screaming over one another.


Because everyone with a brain hates Trump.

Why do you think no one will go to work for Trump in the administration and those that do either get indicted, have to resign because the are cheats and/or incompetent or leave because Donald is a ■■■■■■■ moron?


This statement is factually inaccurate. And seems to show you don’t actually watch any of the other networks, for you to have arrived at this conclusion. That also makes your belief that FNC is a necessary counter very questionable. As it seems you’re making declarations while devoid of the facts. And simply going off of gut, likely an opinion derived by FNC telling you how to think.

Independent thought is powerful. Thinking for yourself is amazing and feels good. Having evidence and facts on your side is even more amazing. Step out of the bubble and see things for yourself. You will clearly be very surprised.


Did you not watch them from 2008-2016?

And now they come off as whiny, victimized, and constantly afraid. Poor, poor Trump. Everyone is so mean to him. The whole world stands against us and Trump. Boo Hoo. Or…run for the hills!!! It’s an invasion!!! They’re coming for your women and your children!!! AAAAAAAUUUUUUUGGGGGHHHH!!!


I absolutely did.

Why dont you tell everyone what you think you are recognizing?


Alternative sources of information should be sought out by all sides.

What FNC offers is alternative reality. There is a difference. And by misleading and deceiving the consumers of their State-Run Propaganda, they are doing a massive disservice. FNC is colluding with Big Government. As an actual conservative, I call foul on this. A free press doesn’t coordinate and collude with the Big Government it is supposed to be holding accountable.

Look at how the NYT and WaPo completely failed in the run-up to Iraq and in regards to WMD. They failed because like FNC today, they also colluded with Big Government and promoted State-Run Propaganda.

We should all oppose this. The question is, why would someone not oppose this truth?


You might want to add the qualifier “some,” “most,” or “virtually all” to this. Since your return the mods have been adamant that broadbrushing of any group will not be tolerated.

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I think part of the Fox problem that goes well beyond what we saw with Obama and the “LSM” is Trump’s direct relationship with Fox.

Bill Shine works for Trump. Trump and Sean are close. Some of Trump’s most ardent supporters in congress, like Nunes, now work for Fox. And the list goes on.

Did we see anything like that with Obama? I think maybe the closest thing was his relationship with Sharpton, and that was something I’ve always held against Obama.

I don’t recall Obama regularly tweeting to us or sharing something he had just seen on Morning Joe, or Today, or any other morning show the way we see Trump regularly toting Fox and Friends, and other Fox programming, talking points.

And again, I say all of this while holding CNN and MSNBC in the same contempt I hold Fox for their inability to keep their biases in check.


Not at all. FOXNews can very entertaining. In these consequential times, it is good to keep people alert and on edge. It is what makes a democracy thrive.


Delusion, is in the eye of the beholder.


Sean is a pundit. Who did Rachel have as an opposing view? See how that works?

1.There are 6 networks. Conservatives believe that 5 of them are biased and 1 of them is not.

2.There are 6 networks. Liberals believe that 1 of them is biased and 5 of them are not.

3.There are 6 networks. Realists believe that 6 of them are biased and 0 are not.


Not everyone with a brain is a hater. Hate is a choice. If people have made themselves miserable over the past two years, they only have themselves to blame.


Is Rachel’s show on a network that proclaims to be fair and balanced or unbiased, etc?


You keep saying this, but the difference is that ACTUAL realists not only believe they are all biased, but don’t declare any of their biases to be righteous or necessary.


Nope. But we need an alternative to the other 5 networks regardless. Otherwise we have only a single point of view. Correct?


I will rephrase it then. Anyone with even a modicum of intelligence who is a Republican opposes Trump. Which is the reason no Trumplican will be hired by a major broadcast network.


I didn’t make the claim that she had guests with an opposing view. I responded to a post that virtually anytime there’s a partisan bent to any story the host will have both left/right guests on to discuss it.


I know right? Things are just soo horrible. I could look for a new job and it would probably take me at least two hours to find one. Just miserable! :yum: