Why fox news is sooo important


Even this post can’t resist the meme that people who don’t support the president “don’t like him”.

Fox may be important but think a little bit. Make room for some criticism not being hate driven.


“From time to time”?

Try making an honest, factual statement and maybe we’ll have something to discuss.


I do watch FNC. 1) That is most certainly not the case “virtually anytime,” whatever you later decide that will mean ; 2) Isn’t it kind of hard to, you know, consider those countervailing view points if you mute or fast forward the TV when they speak?


Whether an individual chooses to either or both is irrelevant, it’s still being presented by FNC with multiple points of view.


That’s swell, but not what I was responding to, thanks.


Who did Sean have on the show with an opposing view today? Yesterday?


Be prepared to learn that “virtually” means something closer to “kind of sort of,” but in about 27 posts.


Absolutly factual and honest. It isnt something they do. Bill is the only one who actually did so on a consistent basis, and even then he only did it to appear to rise above the fold. Care to try again?

By the way i noticed the zero attempt to address the points, only a deflection to try to change the discussion.


Wrong again. Getting fooled into beleving they are doing so honestly isnt the same as actually doing it. Those that are labled the main stream media simply choose not to ■■■■■■■■ their viewers for pretense.


Libs are just upset that there is alternative source of information other then their propaganda.

In there socialist utopia only source is the states/commie/elitist snobs.


Didn’t watch him today but usually each segment will have someone from the left and another from the right.


What on earth are you babbling about?

Whether someone chooses to fast forward through a particular viewpoint given by someone on one of the shows is irrelevant to whether or not the view was presented.

We all get to choose what we consume when it comes to news/opinion.


You aren’t presenting anything that is either and we can all recognize it for what it is.


The flaw in your premise is that all degrees of bias are equal.


And the host from the right. Add and compare.


I’m sure you think you have a point there. What might it be? The host is asking the questions.


Well you all have CNN, MSNBC. ABC, CBS, NBC, NRP, most of the major newspapers and magazines all of Hollywood. I’d says that’s a lot more than Fox News and talk radio.


Yes, typically there are three people in the conversation as you stated;

A conservative guest
A liberal guest
And a conservative host guiding the conversation

Fair and balanced?


Yeah, thank God. On the 5th day he created Fox News, on the 6th day he created trump. On the 7th day I guess he threw up.


You seem to be conflating opinion-based cable “news” which is nothing more that entertainment and is obviously biased, with normal reporting, like on the Nightly News on one of the big three.

Unless you’re suggesting the half hour news from the big three are also biased and injecting opinion in place of factual reporting.

If it’s the latter, then this is little more than a opinion. A feeling that was largely driven by FNC’s lineup of opinion based entertainment programming that is designed to use propaganda to fool you into this alternative universe so you only rely on them as the best option to confirm and then assuage your fears.