Why don’t states implement their own individual mandate

They won’t blame it on the mandate repeal. But they’ll be looking to blame someone.

I mean ■■■■, even Tom Price was publicly admitting the mandate repeal would increase costs before someone slapped him upside the head for saying it out loud.

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I’m asking about the cost going up. I understand the illegal and unConstitutional mandate quite well.

You may consider it illegal and unconstitutional, but it did help keep prices down. The larger the insurance pool, the lesser the risk.

It is. There’s no doubt.

So you’re not talking about medical costs, you’re talking about insurance costs.

CNN sucks, and the Networks have very little news. Most local news channels are pretty good.
MSNBC, certainly ;leans progressive, but they do basically report the news with facts to back it up. Their opinion shows are based more in fact, the their evil twin FOXNews, where their opinion shows spout BS daily.

Try Vice News.

You may not like it, because it does clearly show that reality has a liberal bias.

Oh yes, sorry if I wasn’t clear there.

This has always been the problem with trying to repeal Obamacare, Republicans genuinely don’t know what to do to lower costs while maintaining a primarily insurance based system.

Correction: you mean it is biased. Period. Certainly nothing to do with reality.

You said “healthcare”. Pardon my confusion.

Why do you say “Republicans”?

Why are healthcare costs rising?

You’re closed view of the world, does not equate to reality. It is your created reality, that comforts you.

Enjoy the bubble.

Because Democrats aren’t tied to preserving the insurance based system in the same way Republicans are.

Lots of factors. But you’re spending twice as much as every other developed nation in large part because you’re paying an unnecessary middle-man that screws with the system.

I disagree.

I agree.

Not entirely accurate.

If you have a large pool, and then add the unhealthy to the pool, the costs for the pool don’t go down… they go up.

The costs for the unhealthy go down.

I think you’re right.

In this case, you’re trying to get the healthy to join a pool they’re not already in. The sick are already there.

Pots vs Kettle. :rofl:


First off…I am here. Trying to discuss debate with very conservative people.

I also have many conservative friends, and we discuss/debate.

I get my news from a wide variety of sources, including the national Review and Cato.

We are not even close to being similar. I welcome new ideas. You, avoid them, as they do not fit in to your version of reality.

Which is the basic difference between a liberal and a conservative. (although there are many thoughtful, curious conservatives, who follow the facts. Many are here, and i applaud them, even though we may disagree)

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Libs don’t follow follow facts…far from it.

I didn’t read that as rude.

You have yet to post any facts.
Only feelings and opinions.

Change “get” to “force” and your statement is accurate.