Why don’t states implement their own individual mandate

It would seem easier at this point if it’s legal under state law? For individual states to try and make their own single payer system. If it works then other states I would assume would follow suit. I always have been a strong advocate for state rights and for instance if a state like California wanted to do this, and legally could why don’t they try?

If you pay attention to the news, you’ll see that they already are. New Jersey, Vermont and Washington, D.C., have passed laws enacting an individual mandate.

They are. In addition to the states MaDef identified, Massachusetts has had one since 2006 I believe.

As long as they aren’t getting Centgov money, they should do what’s right for them.

Thanks for the update I quit watching cable news a long time ago and hadn’t read anything about it was just throwing it out there will be interested to see how it goes.

If I’m not mistaken California looked into it and decided it would bankrupt them.

If you like to stay informed then I suggest “All in with Chris Hayes”. You can record it then watch the first minute where they give a synopsis of what the hour will cover and if anything is of interest you can then stay up to date.

You are mistaken.

"If you pay attention to the news." Did you know that you could make this point without being incredibly rude? And as a bonus, your point may even be considered. Just a little awesome advice from an awesome poster.:sunglasses:

The states with mandates will have lower than average healthcare cost increases.

It was pretty well understood that without the mandate, healthcare costs go up. Ditto with repealing Obamacare entirely.

It was reported.

You’re thinking of the public option, perhaps.

That’s incredibly rude? :rofl:

Talk about a snowflake.

No it was not. (change the channel!)

CA legislature was putting through a single payer system, when the legislators pulled it back, knowing it is a very complex issue, and needs to be done correctly.

They are still working on it.

Yes. And don’t do the name calling thing. It just bores the hell out of me. So you are directing you insults in the wrong direction.

Why is that?

Yeah I should change over to the left wing propaganda channels.

Are you in the habit of only reading the 1st line of a post?

Any comment on the other part?

There are many, MANY ways to get relatively untainted news.
I never suggested you go to Mother Jones, or the Nation.

If you’re asking specifically about the mandate, it’s because repealing it decreases the number of healthy customers in the insurance pool, so the average price goes up to balance out the higher % of sick customers.

The mandate didn’t work as well as Obama et al hoped, but it did work.

CNN and MsNBC are just as bad. The network news channels as well.

It will be interesting to see what the premiums will look like this fall, when the lack of the mandate is in effect.

When all these folks on the ACA, that voted for Trump and Pubs, they will see what that vote did for them. And Sadly, some will still support the people who screwed them.