Why does the U.S get stuck with ALL of the blame for slavery?

The sale of African slaves began with Portugal. How much blame does Portugal get? You guessed it. None.

The Dutch, The Portuguese, The Spanish, The U.K, The French and others all brought their slaves to the New world. But for some odd reason, their slave heritage has been completely white washed and fingers are pointed only at the U.S. Why? A mere 80 years after we kicked the last of those countries out, we fought a war that liberated the slaves and cost 600,000 American lives. We are the only ones who fought a brutal war of liberation. The emancipation was signed in 1863. The U.K. freed their slaves just 30 years before we did. And France just 15 years before us.

The Netherlands freed their slaves in 1863. The same year the U.S. did.

Portugal in 1869

Cuba in 1886

Brazil 1888

Several African countries continued to hold slaves well into the 1900’s. And there are many other slave countries not listed. We are the only country who paid for our sins in blood. 2 percent of our population died in the fight and the slave holding states were obliterated.

So Yes. We ARE a great country. The greatest that the world has ever seen.

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Another stack of assumptions that reminds me of Jenga.

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I guess you forgot about Jim Crow.

I thought that our civil war was about states rights.


I guess you forgot about the topic. Which is why is only America blamed for slavery? Any idea why everyone else gets a pass?

What makes you think that everyone gets a pass?

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So why do you think that only the U.S. gets blamed when the world is loaded with countries who are guilty a sin?

Spain doesn’t get a pass but they assimilated with the slaves and indigenous people, the results being people like me.

Tony Blair might have had something to say about Great Britain’s history of slavery.

Does France have a slavery Remembrance Day?

It is unclear why you believe that only the United States gets blamed.

Your entire thread is based on that premise, and after 90 seconds of googling, I see that your premise is false.

Why do American citizen forces on the hardship of Slaves during the history of America…

I couldn’t tell you.

Yes its Aug 23.

The thoughts that go through some people’s minds… its almost as if they dont even think through their own false premise… wait!

At the national level it makes sense that Americans would primarily discuss and analyze our own nation’s history of slavery more than that of other nations.

Are you suggesting that when slavery is discussed at the international level, the US is the only nation that is made to face its history?

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That is an answer to a question that wasn’t asked. Try this one on for size. Why do you think that the U.S. gets all the blame for slavery?

Guess you forgot about apartheid.

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You’re just going to run this false premise into the ground, aren’t you?

Enjoy the game you’re playing.

That you think that is the case shows your nearly clueless education on the subject.

Guess you forgot about the topic.

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Yeah… just a weird coincidence that the union victory coincided with the end of slavery.