Why does the left only want to screen Americans?

Will somebody please explain this insanity? Why does the left believe that it is more important to screen U.S. citizens for entry into the U.S. than it is foreign invaders? If I travel outside of the U.S. I must be screened by customs before I am allowed back into my own country. And if I evade customs and get out of there without being screened, the police will be waiting at my door. Ready to take me to jail. Even in sanctuary cities. That kind of scrutiny for citizens is just fine and dandy for the left. Yet on the border they want a free for all. Anybody gets in unscreened and once they are here, they are to be left alone. Why the hell do you want to put Joe through the wringer but let Jose come in totally free of any scrutiny?

A lady recently was given an apple on a Delta flight. She forgot to declare it. The customs agent mocked her, then wrote her a $500 dollar ticket. To the left, that’s cool. Harass citizens. Keep the apples out, but let the heroin flow in unchecked. The world has lost it’s mind.


Yet again, you’ve made a thread telling liberals what they believe.

Don’t assume! If you want to you know what the liberal believes just ask!


Oh give me a break, you stand in a line for 10 minutes and fill out a piece of paper.

Well unless you look Arab.

Also, thanks for increasing awareness on protection to our agriculture economy and health by customs:

Nonsense premise by OP.

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As per usual.

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Well since you already know what we believe why don’t you already understand?

So you believe that I should be screened and border crosses should not. Is that your view?

Who actually believes that? Name one Dem that doesn’t want immigrants vetted?

What is the equivalence between customs in LAX and Mex /Cali border?

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Reply insufficient.

There is no premise. Everything that I described is completely true. Why should I get screened when we let thousands of border crossers in unchecked. Inquiring minds want to know.

So what’s your point? Let the walkers bring in their poison totally unchecked and fine the apple carriers $500 bucks? And to you, that sounds like an intelligent process?

Most drugs come in across legal checkpoints. You think it’s the people hiring coyotes bringing in literal tons of cocaine?

But libs lie. They have learned that no one wants the ■■■■ they believe in so they always pretend to be more moderate…ALWAYS. Just like libs here.

Oh look! You’ve found a convenient way to justify your prejudice.

Libs… always using the static analysis.

The canard about the wall not helping with drug smuggling fails to account for the extra resources that can be applied to checkpoints once the border is under control. SO…they are either being dishonest or are stupid with it comes to solving problems more complicated than choosing which restroom to use.

You still have not given an argument to defend screening Americans while letting invaders in unchecked. Do you have one?

The only one making that argument is you. Biz your own strawman.

They are, take your BS elsewhere.

I forgot the apple from my Taipei hotel in my carryon luggage when I went through customs. I’m lucky. A fruit sniffing beagle found it but the customs lady just took it and gave me a disgusted look…