Why does the left only want to screen Americans?

Oh look, you have found away to justify not addressing the topic. We already know how you feel about me. You repeating it over and over and over again, every single thread makes you appear less intelligent then you may actually be. Nobody really cares about your feelings for me. It’s freaking boring.

So. With all of the nonsense out of the way. Let’s try again. Why should American citizens be screened and illegal invaders not be screened? You are running out of excuses not to address the topic.

The topic started with a fake premise.

There’s nothing to discuss since the foundation the topic is false.

What I do find interesting is your hypocrisy on this matter. That is certainly nothing you’ve ever wanted to discuss. Can’t imagine why…

You are making excuses for not answering. It’s not a strawman. I actually do get screened when I return to the country. Every single time. Liberals generally do not want illegals screened or arrested for avoiding screening. You not being able to explain this hypocrisy does not make it a strawman. And BTW cliché’s bore me.

Answering what? I don’t support the position you want me to defend. I mean, you might as well just debate yourself in these threads, you’re telling me what I believe and then arguing against yourself about what you said.

It’s ■■■■■■■ baffling.

Please provide the factual basis for this part of the statement of yours…

“…when we let thousands of border crossers in unchecked.”

I love this! Got you dancing around a little. You can’t justify the hypocrisy so you say. The foundation is false. Dude there ate only two things here. What do you claim is false?

  1. Americans get screened when entering their own country. Failing to comply will result in arrest. Is this part of the false foundation?

How about this?

  1. Thousands of illegals enter the country totally unscreened. And it is not a priority among liberals to screen them. Why me and not them?

Dude, don’t embarrass yourself with lame dodges. How can you claim the either of these facts are false? It’s absurd.

Please provide the factual basis behind this premise of yours:

“Thousands of illegals enter the country totally unscreened. And it is not a priority among liberals to screen them. Why me and not them?”

Have you ever heard the term “Illegal immigrant?” that term was not invented by me. It was invented to describe the millions of people who have entered this country illegally. In other words. Unscreened.

As for me? I get screened every time? Again. Why is it more important to screen former Marines than it is some totally unknown person from El Salvador? Any idea?

I know there are illegal immigrants.

That’s not the part of the premise for which I’m asking you to provide factual evidence.

Try again.

Why does anyone actually take the OPs ■■■■■■■■ straw man threads seriously?

Take a hard sided suitcase with you. They’ll pull you out of line for a search and you’ll actually get through faster.

Hard sided cases are known for false bottoms is what my friend who this happened to was told. Either way, they got through customs while the people in front of and behind them stood there waiting.

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Because you have no real answer to explain why you would rather screen former Marines than any random, unknown individual from south of the border. You have no coherent way to explain this. When that happens liberals attack the OP. Get it?

Because they are false.

Right! And while they are searching Americans for apples. How many people crossed the border with back packs full of meth, heroin, weapons or bringing in sex slaves? Avoid customs at the airport and you go to jail. Avoid customs on the ground. Who cares?

Which part is false?

The part about me being screened by customs every time I enter the country? Do you know somebody who does not get screened?

Number two is fake.

Thanks for playing.


Okay. Now we are getting somewhere. We do know that thousands get into our country unscreened. And we do know that millions of liberals want to welcome them in unscreened. While they favor screening me. Do you like the idea of screening everyone who enters our country?


For you personally. Do you like the idea of screening everybody who enters this country?