WHY Does Anyone Need to Announce Their "Pronoun" Upon Introduction?

Vice President Harris opened an “Important” meeting with an announcement of her “pronoun” & the Captain Obvious color of her attire…


WHY does anyone need to do that ever?

I don’t need to know anyone’s preferred sexual proclivities or for some perversions. EVER.

A simple hi, I’m Kamala would do.

NOBODY has to know what how you like to have sex as some sort of weirdo greeting. NOBODY. EVER. Especially in a professional setting. It’s kooky, weird, & stupid. It could be sexual harassment…

I will never do it, except I might respond to a question about my pronoun with “Normal”.

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Mine are "he " and “your lordship.” I keep announcing them and people ignore my chosen pronouns.


They were holding a discussion on reproductive health and the ADA.

There were sight impaired people in the room and the description of appearance is recommended common curtesy.


:rofl: Horse feathers. She was pandering. Does she sound like a man when she cackles?


My pronoun is vicerory. My adjectives are great warrior and hot.


Street cred?

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Like a blind person will know what the color blue (or any color for that matter) looks like.

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I don’t even want to know which street.


Visually impaired is not completely blind.

Used to play poker with a friend who was legally blind but could see the cards if he held them inches from his face.

He was also a lawyer.

But as to curtesy.

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Stop dude, you’re embarrassing yourself.


I prefer “lib” or “demonrat” I never said anything all these years but felt at home.


Wait! I want to add “Victory” and “Pisses Excellence”.

cartman grammar

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It also includes blindness.

Everything this admin does, does not require your defense.

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It may seem silly, but that is why they did it.

There were visually impaired people in the room and one of the things they were discussing was the Americans with Disabilities Act.

I agree it is performative, but it wasn’t without purpose.

How does saying preferred pronouns equate to telling them your preferred sexual proclivities?

My first post kinda jumped past all the fun bits of the op.

It was also a quick way for you to change the direction of the OP from the pronoun discussion, which itself is ridiculous.

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Some people are into the pronoun thing.

I am not.

It doesn’t bug me that much if someone does it… especially if the gender is ambiguous.

Not everyone is blind starting from birth

Some are, therefore my statement is true.

You don’t have to turn everything around in order to defend this admin at all costs.

Sometimes Kamala just does stupid things. Well, more than sometimes.

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I’d be more embarrassed about getting up in arms because someone took 10 seconds to describe themselves for the visually impaired and blind