Why do you folks trust government so much?

It’s really weird. Like govenment, especially your flavor of govenment is made up of infallible saints. Where does this blind trust come from? I mean y’all are so trusting that you are more than happy to grant them more authority over you then they already have. Government has not proved themselves to be any more trustworthy than your average used car salesman. The examples never stop.

  1. They said that Trump had a secret agreement with Vlad. They lied.

  2. They said that Jan. 6th was an organized attempt to overthrow the
    government. They lied. Congress is still trying to prove that is was. Liars.

  3. They claim that there is a massive effort to oppress people and suppress votes. They lied.

  4. They claim that you are surrounded by white supremacists. They lied.

  5. Nearly everything they have said about Covid has been untrue. “Two weeks to flatten the curve.” Government officials demand that you stay home while they attend lavish parties and vacations.

  6. Nearly every prediction they have ever made about climate change has failed to happen.

  7. Black Lives Matter. A huge lie. Tens of thousands of blacks are being slaughtered. Men women and children with no attempt at all to address it. Black lives don’t matter at all. Not one bit.

  8. Police brutality is a major reason for the plight of the inner cities. There is zero evidence of this. A lie they hope you believe.

  9. Mass incarceration is a problem. Mass incarceration actually doesn’t exist. Each crime was tried on evidence of that individual crime. Nothing was done as a group. They lie.

Is there a reason you trust these people sooo much? Enough to vote to increase their power over you?


This an impressive gaslighting attempt.


This is a wussie answer. Attacking the Op instead of answering the question. Your government masters have trained you well.

Let’s try again. Why do you place so much trust in your rulers?

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This one is pretty funny.

Let’s try again. Why do you place so much trust in your rulers?

Still waiting. Is climate change the reason you love them so much?


There is an unfounded premise being put forth here.

Let us see if you can figure out what it is.

Yay!!! Jezcoe is still failing to answer the question…Again but he is giving me a test! Again.

Here is my answer to your test. Did you know that your climate csar owns his own private jet which he cruises the world in? He attends events where he accuses people such as yourself as being the problem. And then says nothing about China? And you still trust him?

Why would you do that?


I’ve interacted with @Smyrna, a car salesman, for years and not found him untrustworthy. Probably believes the conspiracy theories too much, but generally sincere. Also - the only car salesman I interact with ever.

I’ve consulted to DOD, DOJ, House of Reps, DHS, US Courts and never found any leaders untrustworthy. Bunch of blowhard bureaucrats, but generally sincere.

I find the “gubmint is turrible” populist crowd to be insufferable idiots. And as far as I can tell, car salespeople are just trying to do their jobs.


Our government is protecting Fauci, who is complicit in developing a virus that has murdered millions of people around the world. This evil truth needs to be exposed and those involved prosecuted. This is absolute proof, our government can not be fully trusted.


…and I am truly honored my friend. Thank you for the kind words.

Did you believe this too?

They said that Trump had a secret agreement with Vlad.

Did you believe this?

They said that Trump had a secret agreement with Vlad.

Who is “they”?

Who said this?:

“When polls said only about half of all Americans would take a vaccine, I was saying herd immunity would take 70 to 75 percent. Then, when newer surveys said 60 percent or more would take it, I thought, ‘I can nudge this up a bit,’ so I went to 80, 85”.

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“Is that why you love the government so much” is not a question that is asked by someone who wants an honest discussion.

We do know that while running for President he was secretly pursuing a real estate deal in Moscow. He even went so far as to sign a letter of agreement with a bank that was under US sanctions.

Something like that is pretty wild for a Presidential candidate to do.

Don’t play stupid games. Do I really need to dig up some old links for you?

Who ever “they” are. Did you believe it when you were told that Trump and Vlad had a secret deal? It’s a simple question. Yes or no?

That’s not a crime. And he did it all over the world. Why do you think the investigation was about that. It was not. Why the hell do I have to dodge like this. Lets try again.

Did you believe it when you were told that Trump had a secret deal with Vlad TO STEAL THE ELECTION.

No more dodgeball. Out with it dude. Yes or no.

State your (not so) hidden assumption first.

Who is “they”?

Can answer these without understanding who are you identifying as the lefts trusted government source.

See above…

I’m guessing the “they” here is Fauci and/or Trump?

Is climate change happening? Yes or no?

I think my black life matters… how can that be a lie? 99.9% of all black people are not murders. Why is “black on black” crime more important than “white on white”.

What is funny about this talking point… is Black Lives Matter is born out of the distrust of the state. Which flies in the face of your primary claim.

Who said “major”?

You don’t know the definition of “mass incarceration”