Why do we still have testing issues? QUEST statement on lead times

7 day lead time for results…that’s crazy. Other countries report in hours not days.

The private sector can not keep up. The Federal government should be stepping in and improving this situation.

7 days really makes the test pointless.

Terrible. We are doing terrible.

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Yeah, I guess that’s the reason…


When you have a president who has decided to put an active pandemic in the rearview mirror and pretend it’s over, and has therefore disappeared from actually trying to solve the issue, it’s going to have an effect on the attitudes of everyone else working on the problem.


People are so dumb. If we just cut the number of mammograms by 100%, we would eliminate breast cancer. Just ask any expert, like Chuck Woolery.


Perfect. :joy_cat:

*** in my Ralph Wiggum voice ***

Everybody testing…

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It’s so sad what confirmation bias and invincible ignorance has done to our country. We’ve been defeated by an absolutely common enemy.

American exceptionalism?

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I think For Profit Ideology.

You obviously have no clue how factors like personnel shortages and reagent testing before a batch is used affect turnaround time.

Don’t know about laws governing the lab business or testing in other countries and don’t particularly give a damn, either.

Don’t know how hard it is to get employees in those nations, either. What is your proposed solution?

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Here’s more:

What is the O P’s solution except to compare us to countries under a different system and most likely smaller populations?

Flatten the curve??

What other ideas??

You do realize that your link doesn’t refute the notion that the federal government is blowing the response right?

How is any POTUS supposed to resolve that particular issue?

Can he force anyone to accept lab jobs?

Cure supply shortages?

The demand for COVID 19 testing is exceeding supply of resources to run the tests. It’s not ideal turn around time, but tests are being performed and results delivered to ordering practitioners.

How is any POTUS supposed to resolve high demand against dwindling supplies?

He should have gotten out in front of this before it ever got to the point it is now. He, instead, has been trying to downplay this thing since the beginning.

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Use the emergency powers of the presidency to turn other private labs into testing labs.

Strip back regulations that are slowing things down if possible to do without compromising accuracy.

If every other country can get test back in hours not days, we can too.


I was told we need to run america like a business and Trump is a businessman. Well, here you have tremendous demand for a product…A good businessman would capitalize on that.

We have 11% UE. If you create the jobs, you will get them filled.

Open federal testing labs.

Use the emergency powers to convert other non-coved labs too covid.

Provide incentives to private labs to exand rapidly. Invest directly in those companies if necessity.

We’ve have 6 months to be ramping up testing.

We’re sitting around hoping a few private labs get it done/

That’s not leadership.


He could of made better use of the Defense Production Act to make sure there weren’t supply shortages. He blew it on that front spectacularly and now our healthcare workers are about to be under equipped again