Why do we need Congress with executive orders?

For the record and one can check my past posts for confirmation if they must. I have always been against broad sweeping executive orders going back to when I first got into politics during the Ron Paul luv revolution. I don’t care if it’s a right wing or left wing EO they have become almost tyrannical. Creating laws is congresses job.

Or as a Clinton aid Paul Begala said “Stroke of the pen, law of the land, kinda cool”.

Wasn’t this set up to be congress’s duty, the whole creating laws thing in that that piece we call the constitution? The increased use of executive orders and other presidential directives is a fundamental problem in today’s America.

“The Constitution does not give one individual an “executive pen” enabling that individual to single-handedly write his preferred policy into law. Despite this lack of constitutional authority, presidential directives have been increasingly used-both by Republicans and Democrats o promulgate laws and to support public policy initiatives in a manner that circumvents the proper lawmaking body, the United States Congress.” - from the article President or King

Executive orders are also effecting our allies one day in the Paris accord four years later out. Keystone pipeline cancelled, oh now it’s back on, and four years after billions in infrastructure spent, oh now it’s gone again.

This rule by pen I would hope would be unanimously opposed by both parties and not just when their side is in power because anyone with one functioning brain cell would know it will all flip the next time the opposing party wins. And who’s to say the next whacko since we are now ruled by the pen won’t sign in laws that move one group over here and one group over there.

Passing laws is congresses job while executive orders were only meant for trivial things like renaming parks not legalizing millions or enrolling and withdrawing from peace and trade deals. I have been consistently opposed to this and everyday for the last 12 years I read about sweeping executive orders I always ask isn’t this congresses job? Will it end? Will it get worse? Will we have a king one day, hey who knows one might just write it as and Executive Order.


And they wonder why capital investments are starting to flee.


Biden has said multiple times that he will seek action by Congress for many of the EO’s he is writing.
Congress currently has the trail and confirmation of Biden’s staff to get done. He then wants to pass a Covid relief bill. After that his next priorities are bills that will address infrastructure and immigration. After that I expect that he will want to get bills related to climate done.

Aren’t the majority of Biden’s EO’s to date just canceling other EO’s?

Why do we need the rest of A1:S8 when any conceivable expenditure, rule, or regulation under all circumstances whatsoever can be derived from the way A1:S8:C1 is presently read? Certainly don’t need language that grants more general legislative power circumstantially limited to the seat of government etc.

But, hey, being a progressive means believing much of the Constitution has no function.


Wonder if a judge will rule that illegal the way one did with certain Obama EOs Trump sought to reverse?

Haha! I kid … no way that’s gonna happen.


I have also long been in agreement with this stance Axx…going back to Bush, and his use of them…At first I thought fine, this is ok for this time of emergency…but then It got out of hand, and then presidents beyond him starting using them to circumvent congress. It is an issue. It puts out orders as law, and there is no recourse, no check and balance other than a federal court of appeals or the supreme court. I think that congress needs to act to pass a law that greatly reduces the authority that a president has to use E.O.'s to war and national security, and to authentic states of emergency. An executive order for economic purposes, or for immigration purposes, or anything else that would normally be set aside for congress to pass into a law…should be kept that way.

On the other hand, if you have a gridlocked congress who is bent on doing nothing What’s a President to do? Congress makes this possible and congress can end it as well.

Biden’s EO’s are nothing more than a liberal hissy fit.


I really don’t want to hear one damn word from Democrats about “facist” or “imperial” Republicans going forward. Biden has broken every conceivable record for executive power in less than two weeks with no signs of stopping - we live by progressive fiat now.


EOs can be challenged in court.



But an EO that reversed an earlier EO?

The DACA program shut down was not done correctly.


It was not started correctly either.


Presidents need to let congress pass laws. I am not blaming just Biden his predecessors all abused executive orders. Again if the president is writing law who needs congress? Presidents don’t supposed to put in place wide ranging changes by executive orders this is what dictators do. The presidents role is to sign laws into order that come from congress not vice versa, people should really consider the consequences of were this is leading.


Aaaahhhhh - it’s nice to see Executive Orders are a bad thing around here again.

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Well Trump ripped off 220 of them in 4 years…and now EO’s are bad…lol…And btw…Obama had 276 in 8 years.

Me, I love gridlock and shutdowns.


I will second that!!

If you want to curb EOs, tell Congress to start writing laws that don’t give the Executive any leeway or authority.

Executive Orders, by definition, are linked to laws - laws that implicitly or explicitly grant the executive discretion or authority. Without that statutory discretion or authority, executive orders are meaningless.

More ■■■■■■■ Biden EO stupidity.

Yeah, this is really important.